Letter to the editor | Headline soft on ‘fringe’

October 8, 2013 

I disagree with the headline “Pa. congressmen breaking with GOP” (CDT, Thursday).

I would have suggested the headline “Pa. congressmen breaking with lunatic fringe of GOP.”

The five Republican congressmen choosing to support a clean continuing resolution to restore the budget to its current levels and to return the federal government to doing the people’s business again are on the side of the majority of Americans.

Clearly, the millions of Americans who have voted for the Affordable Care Act with their applications by computer and phone have made their wishes known. They want health insurance through the ACA and they want it now.

The demand is overwhelming. So the intelligent thing to do is to stop trying to defund the ACA and start fully funding it and the rest of the budget immediately.

It’s time for the real GOP to stand up and do the right thing.

Deborah Smith


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