Letter to the editor | Thanks for stepping up

October 8, 2013 

Good schools, low taxes and educational excellence are valued by all; how we maintain and expand these noble pursuits is where the debate lies.

One of the greatest things about a representative republic is that varied opinions and disparate voices produce a more thoroughly vetted result than homogenous thought. We are fortunate to live where so many people are vying for such unenviable jobs.

Planting a yellow and red sign in my yard may have put me at odds with some of my good neighbors. At the end of the day, we’d surely agree that an equitable playing field for all is fair. It’s one of the messages I like from the candidates whose last names punctuate my driveway.

Signage aside, my family supports every Penns Valley student-athlete, musician, scholar and thespian: it would be disingenuous to suggest a yard sign might mean otherwise.

I appreciate those willing to serve.

Volunteering in government at this local level is a responsibility more meaningful than credit is given. Most sentient folks are weary of political impropriety across the spectrum.

We the people are peers, not subjects.

When elected, please place the highest priority on serving all students and taxpayers equally; marry thorough planning to fiscal responsibility; make transparency the gold standard; and please address and repair the divisions created in our beautiful valley so that Ram pride flourishes.

I treasure my home and the growing number of residents who learn and play here.

Thank you in advance for your good work.

Joan Karp


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