Letter to the editor | He’s not solving problems

October 8, 2013 

It’s looking more and more like Rep. Glenn Thompson joining the “Problem Solvers” group was nothing more than an effort to portray himself as a moderate when, in fact, he is among the extremists in Washington.

Fortunately, not all Pennsylvania representatives are like that. There are five Pennsylvania House Republicans who have said they would vote for a clean continuing resolution, free of any amendments.

Unfortunately, Thompson isn’t one of them.

He’s still focused on trying to prevent the poor and those out of work from getting affordable health care. While voting to deny food stamps for the poor, he voted to continue royalty payments to the oil companies drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

He’s seems to be more focused on stopping the EPA from reducing mercury pollution from the dirtiest coal plants in the country than keeping our government running.

In the 1970s, Congress passed the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act with overwhelming bipartisan support. The vote in the House was 375 to 1 for the CAA, and 247 to 23 for the CWA.

These laws have made it possible for our economy and environment to be the envy of the world, but can anyone imagine these laws getting that kind of bipartisan support with the House members we have today?

That’s how bad things have gotten.

We need to seriously rethink the kind of person we want to represent us.

Christine Nichols


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