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Posted by J. J. in Phila on October 9, 2013 

            I’ve been marking the anniversary of the birth of Ray Gricar for four years now.  Today is the 68th anniversary of the missing former Centre County District Attorney’s birth.  Last week was the 3 ½ year anniversary of the “review panel” formed by incumbent (and unopposed for re-election) District Attorney, Stacy Parks Miller.  Next week, it will be the 8 ½ anniversary of Mr. Gricar’s disappearance. 

            I noted last year that, 2011-12 would not have been a good year if Mr. Gricar was still present.  This year was not too much better, but it could have been worse.  The report that Mr. Gricar was brutally tortured, murdered, and tossed into a mine shaft (with four other corpses) by a former Hell’s Angel was largely discredited.  That is good news, because, even if Mr. Gricar was murdered, it might not have been that brutal. 

            Still, as we approach the 8 ½ year mark, the mystery remains.  Mr. Gricar could be reading this, downing a Grey Goose Martini.  He could read have last year’s blog, or the ones before that, but have died since then.  Conversely, he could have never celebrated a birthday after his 58th.  Mr. Gricar could have murdered, or committed suicide, in April of 2005.

            This past year has been pretty much a lost year in terms of finding the cause of Mr. Gricar’s disappearance; there have been others like it, longer ones.  The Gricar case is much like the Susquehanna River in Lewisburg.  At times, rages in full flood stage, swift and deep.  At other times, its shallow waters slowly flow, showing nothing of the fury it can muster.  Today, it is placid.  Next year, it may not be.  I guess the same thing can be said about life in general.

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