Letter to the editor | Town looks shabby

October 9, 2013 

What is really happening with the small town of Unionville?

Having spent all my childhood years living there, I just wonder what happened to the small town that used to be so nice and clean. There used to be a sidewalk ordinance, a junk ordinance, grass-cutting ordinance and so on.

Now you have to walk on the highway due to no sidewalks, properties are not taken care of and so many ordinances are being overlooked.

I think the town needs a whole new borough council and mayor, or at least one who will enforce all the rules for everyone.

Unionville residents could have a beautiful town, but it seems no one cares or maybe no one listens. Where I lived in town, behind the community center, is a complete disaster area. It really is a shame that rules are not enforced.

The town needs a mayor who cares about the town. Rules need to be enforced and maybe the property values will go up.

Nadine Richards


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