Letter to the editor | Stand up to Congress

October 10, 2013 

When will we all care enough to stop the nonsense?

Do we really need to have it personally affect us before we speak out? When will we care enough for our fellow citizens to speak out on their behalf?

When more than 46 million Americans do not have health insurance coverage, can we really sit by and say it does not affect all of us in one way or another?

Just how long will we allow our government to be held hostage by a few representatives?

It’s not really about the Affordable Care Act, and we all know that. When do we say enough to our representatives who vote only for measures that support their ideologies and not for all of their constituents?

If this law — and it is a law, not a bill — is so flawed and so bad, our representatives should be working to make it better. Are they afraid that once in place the American people will not want to give it up?

Remember the battles over Social Security in the 1930s? Or Medicare in the ’60s? Did we threaten to send our country into default because we were opposed to their implementation?

When do we make our voices heard? Aren’t we all more than fed up with groups such as the Club for Growth, The Heritage Foundation and the Koch brothers spending millions of dollars to obstruct, misinform and threaten legislators with negative ads?

How long will we be silent?

Claire Amick


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