Letter to the editor: Pedaling pride

October 11, 2013 

I am happy to read about the Bike to School event and am equally happy when I see people getting around by bike.

Having been a car-commuter most of my life and now transitioned to being a bike-commuter helps me to understand the efforts in this town by Centre Region Bicycle Coalition and others to encourage cycling.

It’s easy to think, “What difference does a higher bike-friendly rating mean to me?”

But elevating our rating elevates us all, and we should take every opportunity to improve pride and morale in this community.

There’s a lot to feel good about in this area. For example, I feel pride in the efforts of Penn State and the borough for making sustainability a priority.

This bicycling effort is another chance to feel good.

I don’t think you have to ever climb in the saddle to feel pride in a silver, gold or platinum rating for “bicycle friendliness.” It’s something people read about and look up to us for.

It’s the joy of seeing people riding — legally and safely — around our town and maybe even freeing up more parking places for us when we need one.

How can you bring back pride?

Take a street-cycling class, such as those offered through Cool Blue Community in Innovation Park; learn state laws and be friendly to cyclists; and help your children bike to school.

Michele Chernega

State College

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