Letter to the editor: Madrid for mayor

October 11, 2013 

Ron Madrid is a humble and hard-working man who would make a great mayor.

When our young family first moved into our State College Community Land Trust home about eight years ago, some of the first neighbors we met were Madrid and his wife, Deidre. Though he smiles a lot, as I got to know him, I could tell that he is a serious, no-nonsense kind of guy, and I really appreciate that in a leader.

I have seen Madrid lead our Holmes-Foster neighborhood association, and I’ve read his frequent reports about what is going on in the borough and the various commissions he participates in and leads.

Madrid is very organized and an excellent communicator. He also does a great job clearly and objectively presenting the facts and encouraging people to get involved in our town.

He knows a lot about the operation of the borough and wants to make it a great place to live and work.

Madrid’s experience in the military and overseeing multimillion-dollar projects at Penn State make him very well qualified to help manage the borough and its many departments, employees and residents.

Ron Madrid is the right person for the job, and I encourage voters in the borough to seriously consider him for the office of mayor on Election Day.

Jason Maas

State College

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