Letter to the editor | Our self-serving legislators

October 12, 2013 

The current crisis in government funding only intensifies what has become more and more obvious in regard to our national legislators: For far too many, what had been a goal to perform national service has become an opportunity for personal selfishness.

Aspirants claim to want to help their constituents and the country but then put personal gain foremost in their agenda, either by acting in the best interest of being re-elected or in the best interest of having a cushy lobbying job in their future.

Either way, the country is ill-served and rhetoric becomes the coin of the realm, rather than action for national enhancement.

Whereas term limits have long been seen as anathema by most voters, it may be time to have some leverage for such inept and selfish “representatives” who have profited from the gerrrymandered districts that offer them safe haven and re-election with little effort other than having more big-donor (and often outsider) campaign money than their challengers.

Murry Nelson

State College

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