Letter to the editor | Party’s over

October 15, 2013 

Would the honorable and sagacious Republicans among us stand up, disperse the band of extremist House Republicans and tell them the tea-partying is over? How can the Republicans shut down the federal government by inane or insane reasoning (choose your word)?

Day after day, I read about cutting health care provisions, “wasteful” spending on food stamps, ad infinitum. Does one think we’re blind to the expense involved in closing governmental operations by these hard-line House Republicans?

The government shutdown has already cost no less than $1.2 billion and that will increase by $300 million daily. It seems to me this truly wasted money could buy an amazing amount of food stamps.

As I recall, the 112th Congress was regarded as one of the most disliked and nonproductive in decades. Is this 113th Congress any better? Is shutting down the government worthy of pay? This Congress apparently thinks so.

G. Ellen Keener

State College

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