Letter to the editor | Question of pride

October 16, 2013 

I agree with Nadine Richards’ letter, “Town looks shabby” (CDT, Oct. 9).

My husband and I were raised in Unionville and remember a time when people took pride in their homes, lawns were mowed, fences fixed and exteriors painted. There are still some who take care of their home0, while the majority seem to buy a home and think it takes care of itself.

The homeowners in the latter category don’t seem to realize that they are responsible for keeping the lawn mowed and trimmed, painting that needs to be done, trash that needs to be hauled away and discarded.

There is something to be said about homeownership, but not everyone is cut out for the job of maintaining it once they buy it and that’s OK. Rentals can be great and you won’t have the maintenance, upkeep and taxes that go along with owning a home. By staying in a home that you are not willing to maintain or care about, not only are you lowering your property value, you are lowering your neighbors’ and the community’s as a whole.

I also agree that something needs to be done as far as the Unionville Borough Council is concerned. In accepting positions on council, they were entrusted to set an example and do what’s best for all Unionville residents. I would wonder how much pride they have in the Unionville that it has become. You are right; it’s shabby. The residents in Unionville should remember this at election time.

Vicky Barndt Manley

Snow Shoe

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