Letter to the editor | Don't blame Republicans

October 18, 2013 

I’ve grown weary of reading letters to the editor from readers of the CDT blaming Republicans for the government shutdown. I expect more intellectual honesty from the residents of Centre County.

The Republican-led House proposed multiple bills that fully funded current government responsibilities and the Senate rejected them. These bills had varying contingencies regarding Obamacare, including removing the taxpayer financing of 78 percent of Congress’ financial responsibility, and each was rejected with a promise of a presidential veto. Remind me again why the House Republicans are responsible for the shutdown?

They say, “Obamacare is the law, deal with it.” Many exemptions have been granted for this law. How can a law be selective in its implementation? Can we agree that the U.S. Constitution is a law? Our honorable representatives, especially the president, seem to have forgotten and routinely violate it, even though they swear to uphold and protect it.

Are you aware that the Senate refuses to approve a budget or that they have a constitutional obligation to do this? Do you care? I think we should all hold our representatives accountable for their actions, and you can feel free to blame Republicans for whatever you choose to blame them for.

When certain individuals can make laws and decide whom they apply to, usually exempting themselves, we live in a very dangerous society that is not the free America that we take for granted. If that’s the America you want, we have no grounds for debate.

Keith Miller


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