Letter to the editor | Music makes the moment

October 19, 2013 

As a former Penn State football letterman, I have had an opportunity to view things both from the field during tight games and also as a spectator from the sidelines and the stands.

I attended the Michigan and Central Florida games, and one thing was clear to me: an opportunity was missed to keep the crowd as loud as possible in the last drives of games.

If you were within a mile last Saturday, you could hear 107,000 fans singing “Sweet Caroline.” But with three minutes left and Michigan driving to put the game away, you could hear a pin drop during “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins. This is a popular song and easy to sing, but was poorly timed with the momentum of the game. I was sitting behind the student section and was stunned. They were all simply talking among themselves during timeouts.

I can speak from experience that music and crowd noise add that extra boost and can really intimidate your opponent. I will never forget playing at Michigan State, and on every third down, you were deafened by the “third down bell” that would toll at the beginning of AC/DC’s “Hells Bells.” Not only did this pump up their defense, it also raised the crowd noise to a level that you could barely hear inside the huddle.

My feeling is that during every timeout and during every pivotal point in the game, our opponents should hear 100,000-plus voices ringing through their helmets.

Scott Davis


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