Letter to the editor | Tired of politicians’ lies

October 22, 2013 

Politicians over the years haven’t been very truthful to us voters.

What they do best is stretch the truth; or I would call it just lies.

Ask them a question and they proceed to tell you a story about their grandfather.

Got to admit, it takes your mind off the question.

What I like best is all the promises they make that never materialize.

There are some good politicians, then there are some who lie a little bit and some who lie a lot.

I remember all the stories the president told us about the great hope of our nation and changes that would take place for the good all if he was elected. He’s in his second term and I’m still waiting for something good to happen.

If this country fails economically, the politicians must take the blame. They are the cause of the reckless spending and fiscal responsibility of our country. The collapse is eminent if they do nothing.

Sometimes when I think of politicians, Satan comes to thought. He is called “the father of all lies.”

Ed Emel


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