Letter to the editor | Return the statue and reputation

October 23, 2013 

One of the mottos of our great university is “Success with Honor.”

Penn State’s board of trustees and administration must adopt and practice “Success with Courage.”

One of the most difficult things in life is to admit you are wrong, and it is equally as difficult to go about changing what was done wrong.

Our school had a man who devoted his entire life to making our university a better place and to making us better people. The recognition our university garnered in his 61 years of service is unmatched and never will be matched.

This man donated more money to our school and other charities than most of us ever will. The heart of the university — the library — is named after this man.

When this man faced adversity, he didn’t waver; he did the right thing and reported it to those in charge.

It is time for those in charge to gather the courage to do the right thing and restore the monument to this great man, in its original location. And it’s time to restore the wall that surrounded the monument that demonstrated all the years of service he gave to the men who played for him.

It’s time.

Terry Scott


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