On Centre: Around Philipsburg | Peek into Philipsburg’s spooky past

October 24, 2013 

Everyone knows that ghosts lurk around every corner at Halloween. In Philipsburg, that will be true come Nov. 2.

Front and Centre Productions will be conducting haunted walking tours of the downtown, fusing the history and architecture of the area with a little bit of, well, let’s call it poetic license. None of the ghosts on the walking tour are documented. They aren’t long-lived legends. They are, however, long on fun.

From 5-10 p.m., tour guides will escort groups around a series of stops. Some locations are still in their original condition, used for their historic purpose. Others are just phantoms of the past. But the buildings behind the tours are all real. The tour itself is built on the skeleton of the historic downtown walking tour written by the late Mayor Sandra Martin.

But the ghosts? Well, those are a little different. Local color has been used to give the shades a bit of humor, a bit of bite and a little taste of the past. (If you want a real taste, refreshments will be available at different stops along the way.)

If a shock-and-awe kind of event isn’t your cup of boo, that’s okay. The FAC actors will be portraying the ghost stories, but the plan is more fun than fearsome.

The $5 per person tickets, plus any donations and the proceeds from refreshments, will go toward FAC’s ongoing fundraising for a new home on Front Street.

Reservations are not required, but are recommended. To secure your spot, call 343-1812.

Lori Falce writes weekly about the Rush Township/Philipsburg area. Send comments to lorifalce@gmail.com.

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