Teacher from State College's Radio Park Elementary School appears on ‘The Price is Right’ game show

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Cheryl Isola, a kindergarten teacher at Radio Park Elementary school, poses with the t-shirt she wore and cue card with her name on it from the filming of the television show “The Price is Right,” October 23, 2013. The show was taped July 10 but will air this Friday at 11 a.m. on CBS.

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Cheryl Isola has been watching “ The Price is Right” since she was a little girl.

This summer, Isola, 45, of Halfmoon Township, checked an activity off her bucket list when she appeared on the show during a special filming honoring teachers. The episode will air locally at 11 a.m. Friday on WTAJ.

“I have fond memories of watching with my younger sister and brothers. We would play along with the show,” said Isola, a kindergarten teacher at Radio Park Elementary School. “One time, we even made our own pretend wheel. It has always been on my bucket list.”

It all started last spring, when, Isola said, she decided to go on the game show website and research how to visit the show at CBS Studios in Los Angeles.

The filming for the episode was just two days after her 18th wedding anniversary with her husband, Jim, and they decided to take a trip out to California over the summer to celebrate.

“It was definitely a sign, so I just ordered the tickets online and literally printed them from my computer,” she said.

Fast-forward to the morning of July 10, and that’s when things took off.

Isola said that the television crew taped two shows each day. Each took a little more than three hours to film, and hers started at 8:15 a.m.

The couple hit the audience and gathered on bleachers under an awning outside, where studio workers recorded personal information. They were escorted to another holding area, where they were told that the director would be interviewing people in groups of 20.

The interview consisted of questions such as “What do you do in your free time?”, “Do you like ‘The Price is Right?,’ ” “What’s your favorite game on the show?” and more, Isola said.

“Let’s just say, I really hammed it up and with enthusiasm,” Isola said as she described herself as a “Price is Right” super fan.

Then, she said, a strange thing happened as she entered the studio.

“The girl that was selling food on the cart tapped me and said, ‘Good luck, Cheryl. I have a good feeling about you,’ ” Isola said.

Soon after, producers and directors explained to the gathering that filming would start, and an announcer began naming contestants while host Drew Carey told jokes.

“Before we knew it, the announcer was saying ‘Welcome to “The Price is Right,” ’ then I heard for someone to ‘Come on down, you are the first contestant on “The Price is Right!” ’ ” Isola said. “My husband and I were looking around to see who it was, and no one was going down. Then, my husband saw the director pointing over and over again to a huge cue card with my name on it.”

With excitement, Isola said, her husband was yelling, “Honey, it’s you!”

“It finally registers, and I literally start screaming, jumping and begin running down to Contestants’ Row, while giving people high fives,” Isola said.

Isola said the biggest surprise came when she realized how small the studio was that held about 300 people, but that once she took her stand, nerves set in and she became the contestant stuck on Contestants’ Row.

“It was very exciting, but I was so incredibly nervous that when it was my turn to bid each time, I either bid too high or too low, and I was definitely looking at my husband for advice and the rest of the audience,” she said.

Nonetheless, Isola said it was one of her best life experiences.

“It was a wonderful experience and something I will remember forever,” she said.

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