Letter to the editor | Goreham a devoted leader

October 24, 2013 

I am happy to endorse Elizabeth Goreham for re-election as mayor of State College.

I served on Borough Council with her before she was elected mayor and have worked with her since then.

As council member and mayor, Goreham has worked to maintain the vitality of our neighborhoods, the strength of our economy and the sustainability of our environment.

One of her guiding principles has been that all members of our community deserve to be respected and listened to.

These goals and principles have not just been adopted as political strategies; they are part of her essential core. She loves this town, and her talents and intelligence are devoted to working for its good.

The role of mayor under our borough charter is not to micromanage administration and finances. Those matters are the responsibility of council and staff. The mayor’s job is mainly to represent the borough as a whole, to be its public face. She articulates its goals and highest aspirations.

In our modern world, local issues are closely connected with what is happening in Pennsylvania, the nation and the world.

Our economy is affected by a national recession; our environment depends on what is happening thousands of miles away. Goreham has devoted her talents to local government but is knowledgeable about national and international issues and how they affect us.

She is one of the least parochial people I know.

Vote for Mayor Elizabeth Goreham.

Peter Morris

State College

The writer is a member of State College Borough Council.

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