Letter to the editor | Respected by his peers

October 25, 2013 

I support Ron Madrid for mayor of State College.

I have known him for 10 years as a neighbor and president of the Holmes-Foster Neighborhood Association.

During that time I have watched him speak in a nonpartisan manner, provide information to keep us updated and bring opposing parties together to form consensus. As a member of the Coalition of Neighborhood Associations, he has participated in efforts to make governance of the borough more efficient and responsive to resident requirements.

He is effective because he is a team builder and a problem solver.

A major responsibility of the mayor is presiding over council meetings.

If you have watched Planning Commission meetings, where he was elected by his peers more than once to preside, you know the finesse he has in keeping his colleagues focused, respecting the Sunshine Law and following Robert’s Rules of Order — all vital for a group that does the people’s business, but also for resident to have confidence that their participation is relevant and appreciated.

I know that Madrid understands the role of local government from his years of selfless involvement, and he can be counted on to comprehend and abide by his oath and the democratic system we have.

I know Ron Madrid. I trust him to do the people’s business in a nonpartisan manner and to help the State College Borough thrive as a community.

Please vote for Madrid for mayor Nov. 5.

Mary Marino, State College

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