Letter to the editor | A change in leadership

October 25, 2013 

I have known Ron Madrid for more than 40 years. During that time I have watched him grow from an effective student leader and outstanding military officer to a caring family man, successful businessman and community leader.

Madrid is committed to supporting and improving the quality of life residents of State College deserve. He is a man of thoughtfulness, honor and integrity who respects and listens to every side of an issue.

I offer one small example of Madrid’s commitment to State College over the years.

On a recent State Patty’s Day, he invited my husband to join him as he walked the neighborhoods adjacent to downtown. Madrid observed and spoke with homeowners, student-residents and business owners to assess the problem firsthand. He believes this kind of inclusive interaction is critical to achieve effective solutions for borough issues.

Even as a lifelong Democrat, I realize that many of the challenges facing our community are nonpartisan. Issues must be addressed in a nonpolitical manner.

Madrid’s leadership and even-handedness as president of the Holmes-Foster Neighborhood Association and as chairman of the Planning Commission have equipped him with the ability to focus discussions toward reasoned and effective decisions that are fiscally responsible. His experience makes him the clear choice for mayor.

To achieve the change our community needs and deserves, I ask the voters of State College — Democrat and Republican — to join me and vote for Ron Madrid for mayor.

Denise Lanning, State College

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