Letter to the editor | Working together

October 28, 2013 

Now, more than ever we need people in public office who are problem-solvers. Therefore, I endorse, without reservation, Lynn Herman for College Township Council.

I have known Herman for a quarter of a century but I do not endorse him out of our friendship but because of his competence.

I will vote for Herman because he brings to the office experience both inside and outside of government.

We all agree on the issues facing College Township. The debate is over the solutions, and in this area Herman epitomizes the word cooperation. That is the key to any of the solutions we try in addressing the township’s challenges.

For this position on council, Herman has the right skill set. Based on his record in government service and for the past seven years in the private sector, I am confident he will help, in a bipartisan way, to make College Township more efficient and effective. He has a proven record of getting local and state government to work cooperatively for the common good.

Government, business, education — Herman’s set of skills include all three. He was for 24 years a state representative for Centre and Clearfield counties. He has been active with the Chamber of Commerce. He earned degrees in political science and history that he has put to practical use over the last 30 years.

I would ask you to consider and then vote for Herman for College Township Council on Nov. 5.

Dr. Greg Ferro

State College

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