Letter to the editor | Ignoring history

October 28, 2013 

The article on the Bellefonte Historical Architecture Review Board vote (CDT, Wednesday) is very precise with the exception of one thing that is missing: accurate facts. The board was put in place to protect the historical buildings of Bellefonte without any thought on what the people running the town want. Their job is to protect, not destroy.

What created the need for the board? Sometime in the 20th century, the people who ran Bellefonte forgot what a historic building was worth. Terrible decisions were made to tear down the Brockerhoff Mansion in the 100 block of West Bishop Street and the beautiful mansion of Gov. Beaver in the 100 block of West Curtin Street.

These historic blunders and many others devalued Bellefonte by many millions of dollars in today’s money.

Our state government recognized the historic significance in the value of the Brockerhoff home and dismantled the entrance, which is on display in the state museum in Harrisburg.

The people doing the job should be well-versed on the history they are protecting and be part of the community connection and not people from outside Bellefonte.

I’m not bragging, but I can guarantee that I know much more about the history of Bellefonte than the entire group combined.

I have also read letters by people who feel the Garman should be destroyed. For the HARB and these people, I would be willing to give a simple test to prove they know — or don’t know — Bellefonte history.

Richard W. Knupp Sr.


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