Letter to the editor | Invasion must be stopped

October 29, 2013 

Governments are parasites on the lives of the people they govern.

In the case of freely elected governments, they at first appear to be symbiotic parasites, with equal or better benefits than costs.

But, like any true parasite, their primary drive is to consume and grow. Eventually, these beneficial parasites become more costly and less beneficial. By the time the host notices the problem, it is generally too late to stop the infestation, short of all-out conflict.

As with most diseases, they evolve. The friendly appearing politician has become a self-promoting entity who has only its own interests at heart. It continually tests the host (now the victim) to see what would prevent the victim from eliminating the parasite.

The parasite has also evolved a strategy to misdirect the victim’s ire to competing parasite colonies.

In the beginning of the infestation, the host has natural defenses against the parasite, which immediately goes to work tearing down these defenses. This is comparable to government attacking religion and telling the people that the Constitution is “evolving”; that what it says is not what it means.

The government is attacking the final defense mechanism of the people by trying to negate the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

If the parasitic infestation is not stopped, the parasites eventually will bring the host to total destruction.

I am old, so I may escape this coming disaster. But my kids and their kids will have to eat the bitter fruits of this generation’s stupidity.

Paul Hay, State College

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