Letter to the editor | Strong record of service

October 30, 2013 

On Tuesday, residents of the Penns Valley Area School District will have the opportunity to keep our district on a path of the lowest relative taxes and the highest academic ranking in Centre County.

I urge voters to watch the candidates for school board answer questions at the recent League of Women Voters forum. In this video, which is posted on YouTube, the candidates for school director provide evidence of their experience, temperament and vision for the district.

This video highlights the clear contrasts between the candidates.

I urge you to vote for Chris Houser, Jeff Hyde and Amy Niewinski. These three have articulated a vision of keeping taxes low and academic performance high. They are focused on improving educational opportunities for all students in the district.

Houser and Niewinski have a strong record of service on the board to achieve this vision and have earned our votes.

Hyde, the father of two young students in the district, has extensive experience as a leader, educator, coach and communicator and would bring a passion for technology and rural communities to the board.

Their challengers recognize the high performance and low taxes in the district, yet still call for change. When asked to spell out this change, the details are lacking, as highlighted in the recent candidate forum.

All residents of Penns Valley win with low taxes and high academic performance. Tell the challengers that they can keep their “change” by voting for Houser, Hyde and Niewinski for strong schools and low taxes.

Troy Ott

Spring Mills

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