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Helping Hands: Centre LifeLink urges community to give to annual membership drive

October 30, 2013 

Lauren Shurgalla

In an emergency, the last thing you want to worry about is the bill. That is why each fall Centre Region residents are encouraged to enroll as a Centre LifeLink member, ensuring them that they will have no out-of-pocket expenses for unlimited emergency ambulance service provided by Centre LifeLink EMS.

2014 memberships are available at the beginning of November, and residents in Centre LifeLink’s coverage area should already have received a membership brochure with information on how to participate.

With many insurance companies raising the price of out-of pocket deductibles, members can save an average of $300 for basic life-support calls and more than $500 for advanced life-support paramedic service — these are the average costs nonmembers pay. Individual memberships cost $40 and family memberships cost $60 for a one-year period from Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2014.

Residents also have the option of purchasing gift memberships. Gift memberships are ideal for a family or individuals who would benefit from a Centre LifeLink membership, but who may not have the financial resources to purchase one. They are also beneficial for family members who may not fall under a household membership. Gift memberships are available for purchase through the Centre LifeLink website or via information included in the membership brochure.

In addition to saving residents money, a Centre LifeLink membership helps keep this vital service available in the community. As a nonprofit organization with no tax support, Centre LifeLink relies, in part, on tax-deductible donations and funds raised through its annual membership drive. Membership revenue and donations allow Centre LifeLink to purchase life-saving equipment. Membership revenue from last year allowed Centre LifeLink to replace a rehabilitated 1996 ambulance with a new one. The 1996 ambulance acquired more than 275,000 miles in its lifetime and cost Centre LifeLink $160,000 to replace, not including the lifesaving gear that equips all of the ambulances.

Centre LifeLink provides 24-hour emergency service for State College borough; College, Harris, Ferguson and Patton townships; and mutual aid to surrounding areas of Centre and Huntingdon counties. Last year, Centre LifeLink responded to an average of 20.83 calls per day.

In addition to emergency services, Centre LifeLink offers medical alert systems, community health and safety training courses and nonemergency van transport services, and offers rooms for rent for community events.

Registration for Centre LifeLink’s annual membership drive is open online at or via information highlighted in the brochure, and people with questions about the membership can call me at 237-8163 or email

Lauren Shurgalla is the marketing, development and relationship manager at Centre LifeLink.

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