Letter to the editor | Leadership challenging times

October 31, 2013 

As a lifelong Penns Valley resident, I have grave concerns about how the outcome of Tuesday’s school board election will affect not only our schools, but all residents of Penns Valley.

Times today are challenging for any community and family. We all worry about the safety and the educational welfare of our children, as well as finances.

The current Penns Valley Area School District board has not only faced these difficult times, but has made positive changes to the district. Priorities and goals were set and then not only met but exceeded as the Penns Valley School over the past five years has become one of the top academically performing schools.

Safety has become a top priority, and the district has taken measures to make sure that each child is safe while at school. The board decreased the inherited debt from $30 million to $24 million and taxes were not raised this year.

When you vote Tuesday, please consider voting for Chris Houser, Jeff Hyde, Amy Niewinski and Hank Yeagley.

Each of these candidates has not only the knowledge to continue to lead the district during these challenging times, but also the experience — experience in finance, in education and in giving the best possible education to our children while being fiscally responsible.

Ruth C. Rudy, Centre Hall

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