Letter to the editor | Lee puts tradition first

October 31, 2013 

Residents of Harris Township are concerned about growth and development in the area. How fast do we want it to proceed? How intensively? Do we want to rezone agricultural land for other uses?

In Tuesday’s election, the two candidates for Harris Township supervisor have expressed very different positions on growth and development.

One — who has no experience in Township government — said on C-Net, “Absolutely, we have to have growth,” and that if someone wants rezoning of agricultural land to more intensive uses, “we should let them have it.”

This would open the floodgates of development.

Candidate Christopher Lee, on the other hand, said on C-Net that his priority is “protecting the quality of life and character of Harris Township” and that rezoning of agricultural land “should only be done for the general good of the township and not because a developer sees a financial opportunity there.”

For those who value the quality of life and rural character of Harris Township, the choice seems clear. Christopher Lee, who has served two terms supervisor in the past, would continue Harris Township’s tradition of carefully planned growth.

Cynthia M. Shaler, Boalsburg

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