Letter to the editor | Thompson ignoring the experts

October 31, 2013 

Climate change is real.

We see evidence of it around the globe, from sea-ice reductions in the Arctic to rapid melting of glaciers, to shifts in seasons and to impacts on forests, vegetation, wildlife and insects.

We see it in rising sea levels, increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the oceans and atmosphere and in hotter temperatures on the Earth. In an article published Oct. 10 in the journal Nature, scientists predicted that, by 2047, the coldest years may be warmer than the hottest in the past.

President Barack Obama takes this seriously and has asked the Environmental Protection Agency for new regulations that would limit carbon dioxide emissions from power plants that burn coal.

These are the worst polluters in the country. But industry representatives are stepping up their lobbying efforts in Congress, where legislation to deal with this issue has been blocked.

There have been active efforts by House Republicans, including Rep. Glenn Thompson, R-Howard Township, to prevent the administration from taking action. Indeed, many in Congress continue to deny the human role in causing climate change.

It is especially regrettable that Thompson ignores the expertise in his own backyard. Penn State is one of the centers of excellence on the study of climate change and its causes. In spite all the evidence that exists and could be presented to Thompson, he continues to ignore the best information available.

Cindy Petrick, Petersburg

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