Letter to the editor | Stick with what’s working

October 31, 2013 

Penns Valley has a very functional and successful school board, an outstanding administrative staff and faculty and a harmonious relationship among these.

Penns Valley schools can boast of outstanding student performance and low taxes compared with any school in Centre County.

Why would anyone want to negatively affect these credentials and jeopardize the positive relationship between the administration and the board by instituting “change”?

But a group of five is advocating undefined changes they want. They continue to focus on dissatisfaction with board procedures and conflict. This atttitude would certainly adversely affect board and administration cooperation and, ultimately, effectiveness.

Students would then pay the price.

I agree that more board responsiveness and better community communications might be needed. I have neither heard nor read anything in which the five have addressed anything seriously about education per se. Several obviously do not have the capabilities to make a positive contribution to our school system via being on the board.

I strongly support the candidacies of Amy Niewinski, Chris Houser and Jeff Hyde. They have more than adequately demonstrated by their intelligence, by Niewinski and Houser’s proven records on the board and by their understanding of what is required of a school board member that they should be elected.

Don’t be fooled by the magic of “change” and end up throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Craig Weidensaul, Centre Hall

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