Real Estate Transactions: October 7-11,2013

November 1, 2013 

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Oct. 7, 2013, through Oct. 11, 2013 in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Fred V. Grau Jr. to Fred V. Grau Jr., trustee, and Fred V. Grau Jr. Revocable Trust Agreement, 939 Woodland Drive, $1.

Mark E. Scott to Pennsylvania Rural Water Association, 126 W. Bishop St., $92,000.

Benner Township

Nili L. Olay, by agent Margaret Logan Duncan, Margaret Logan and Douglas Mark Duncan to Timothy M. Miller, 860 Purdue Mountain Road, $238,000.

Benner Independent Township

Betty H. Delafield, estate and Gary A. Delafield, administrator, to Cheryl D. Dawson, 595 Rock Road, $1.

College Township

Stephanie N. Olson to Michelle Wambolt, 115 Roosevelt Ave., $153,400.

Jeffery C. Almoney and Barbara J. Johnson to Earl R. Moore and Kimberly A. Moore, 1255 Oak Ridge Ave., $205,000.

Charles K. Kurtz and Alison B. Kurtz to Charles K. Kurtz, 199 Twigs Lane, $1.

Max L. McClintic to Max L. McClintic and Kathy R. McClintic, 472 W. Whitehall Road, $1.

John H. Mitchell Jr., Maria E. Mitchell and Haubert/Mitchell Partners to Michael R. Sunderland and Hillary A. Sunderland, property located within the Township, $68,000.

Rita R. Cowher to Daniel E. Schroeder and Stephanie A. Schroeder, 900 Houserville Road, $217,900.

Ferguson Township

Karyn J. Smithbauer to Kimberly A. Fausey, Kellie M. Moore and Christine L. Walk, 753 Tanager Drive, $1.

Edith A. Rose Allison, by sheriff to Federal National Mortgage Association, 1270 Circleville Road, $115,000.

Frances So, by sheriff, York W. So, by sheriff and Eric So, by sheriff to HSBC Bank USA, 2397 Setter Run Lane, $250,000.

Christina Musumeci Irrevocable Trust and Nancy Musumeci, trustee to Yuxi Zheng and Xinping Gu, 1131H W. Aaron Drive, $132,000.

G & B Crut Trust, Gary Mullen, trustee, and Beverly B. Mullen, trustee, to SLMC Partners LP, property located along Deerfield Drive, $1.

Jennifer A. Nunn Fisher and Mark D. Fisher to Strawberry Fields Inc., 1517 Ash Ave., $215,000.

Halfmoon Township

Pamela S. Edmonston, Pam Edmonston and Samuel J. Toney III to Theresa A. Yebernetsky and Christopher T. Como, 60 Donna Circle, $278,000.

Harris Township

Grafton Partners LLC to Marie Ann Weaver, 830 Outer Drive, $372,500.

TOA PA IV LP to Cheryl L. Harte, property located within the Township, $325,119.12.

TOA PA IV LP to Roger P. Gaumond, property located within the Township, $383,556.77. Liberty Township

Randy P. Brungard to Randy P. Brungard, property located at the corner of Mountain Top Road, $1.

Milesburg Borough

Rae A. Watson to Suzanne M. Ryan and William H. Ryan, 309 Logan St., $1.

Caroline J. Bush, Douglas A. Bush, Nancy L. Crust, Reginal G. Crust, Larry J. Watson, Gary T. Watson, Cathryn G. Watson, Eric J. Watson, Matthew B. Watson, and Julie L. Watson to Suzanne M. Ryan and William H. Ryan, 309 Logan St., $1.

Patton Township

Gregory B. Gilbert and Suzanne L. Gilbert to Amy A. Flood and William A. Flood, 131 E. Alma Mater Court, $230,000.

Eric J. Porterfield and Susan Wilson-Porterfield to Susan Wilson-Porterfield, 100 Kensington Drive, $1.

Michael L. Eggert and Flora J. Eggert, also known as Flora T. Eggert to Michael L. Eggert and Flora J. Eggert, 724 Hampshire Circle, $1.

WCUBED LLC to Robert C. Clark and Donna D. Clark, 205 Brynwood Drive, $1.

Penn Township

Alvin L. Confer and Linda K. Confer to Curt A. Wingert and Erin N. Wingert, 192 Paradise Road, $180,000.

Jacqueline M. E. Shawver and Tyler A. S. Shawver, administrator to Tyler A. S. Shawver, 116 Wolfe Drive, $1.

Philipsburg Borough

Leigh Ann Dustin, Leigh Anne Dustin, Leigh Anne Schmeck and Leigh Ann Schmeck to Leigh Anne Schmeck and Daniel H. Schmeck, 1128 E. Pine St., $1.

Kathleen M. Kalinosky to Kathleen M. Kalinosky and Keith Wren, 407 E. Pine St., $1.

Potter Township

Bruce E. Wyland, Estella A. Wyland and Stella A. Wyland to Bruce E. Wyland and Stella A. Wyland, 192 Old Fort Road, $1.

Rush Township

Ronald L. Miess and Terence Dobson to Terence Dobson, 192 Pine Hill Lane, $19,000. William J. Slother Sr. and William Joseph Slother to Patrick L. McDonald and Denise M. McDonald, 208 Adams St., $15,000.

Spring Township

Sheets Family Trust, Paul C. Sheets, trustee, and Beverly A. Sheets, trustee, to Paul C. Sheets and Beverly A. Sheets, 113 Faust Circle, $10.

Paul C. Sheets and Beverly A. Sheets to Sheets Family Trust, Paul C. Sheets, trustee, and Beverly A. Sheets, trustee, 113 Faust Circle, $10.

Brandon J. Weaver and Nichole L. Weaver, also known as Nicole L. Weaver to Brandon J. Weaver and Nicole L. Weaver, 179 Barrington Lane, $1.

Samuel J. Gray and Ruth H. Gray to Amy L. Gray, 1302 Axemann Road, $1.

Samuel J. Gray and Ruth H. Gray to Samuel J. Gray and Ruth H. Gray, 1302 Axemann Road, $1.

Shane F. Hardy and Sara N. Hardy to Jeremy Reynolds, 175 Farminton Lane, $247,000.

RRB1 LLC to RRB1 LLC, property located along East Rolling Ridge Drive, $1.

Burnham Farms Development LP to Loesch Construction Inc., 180 Jonathan Lane, $40,000.

State College Borough

Sean P. Tweed-Kent, Marita Claire Tweed-Kent and Marita C. Crosby to Sean P. Tweed-Kent and Marita Claire Tweed-Kent, 505 W. Prospect Ave., $1.

Keith L. McClellan and Catherine L. McClellan to Keith L. McClellan, 1233 Garner St., $10.

Matthew J. Adams and Margaret E. Cohen to Timothy P. Williamson and Kathryn A. Williamson, 746 Thomas St., $299,000.

Richard L. Marshall Jr. and Ruth A. Braun to Leonard Francis Kanavy and Milissa C. Kanavy, 403 S. Allen St., $250,000.

Delores M. Lannin to Living Trust of T. Randall and Mary Ellen Iles, T. Randall Iles, trustee, and Mary Ellen Iles, trustee, 634 W. Fairmount Ave., $555,000.

Sandra S. Riddiford to Creehan Foster Avenue Property LP, 341 E. Foster Ave., $339,000.

Walker Township

Michele Pelick to Steven B. Swigart and Karen L. Swigart, 109 Pebble Lane, $130,000.

Greta Nangia to Kerry P. Lord and Geeta Nangia, 301 Two Mile Lane, $1.

Worth Township

Jenna Garskof to Jenna Garskof and Evan Alan Jones, property located along Shangri Lane, $1.

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