Datsik’s goal is to blow minds

For the CDTNovember 1, 2013 

Canadian electronic music DJ Datsik, nee Troy Beetles, will bring his “Most Wanted” tour to State College’s Levels Nightclub with opening acts Funtcase, Antiserum and Mayhem.


  • if you go

    What: Datsik, Funtcase, Antiserum, Mayhem

    When: 9 p.m. Nov. 3

    Where: Levels Nightclub, 420 E. College Ave., State College

    Info: www.facebook.com/levelsbar, 308-8773

For the past five years, which is an eternity in his line of work, Canada’s Datsik has become one of the most popular and experimental electronic dance music artists in the world. He will bring his patented electronic hysteria to State College this weekend.

“It’s been really good, absolutely crazy,” Datsik said of his “Most Wanted” tour, which will swing through Levels Nightclub on Nov. 3. “The shows have been absolutely insane and the energy has been phenomenal.”

Before he started regularly trekking around the globe and playing premier music festivals such as Coachella, Electric Zoo and the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, Datsik (birth name Troy Beetles) was pouring himself into hip hop; his confidence has influenced his dark, edgy and exceptional material.

“I think that it’s always important to maintain your style. I came from hip hop, so I’ll usually splash a little bit of that into my set,” the 25-year-old Datsik said. “But if you apply your own style to your own music, then no one can really touch you because you’re crafting your own path. It’s how you stay relevant in this industry.”

EDM and DJing are enjoying their golden years, yet there are still those who are unwilling to give it a chance. It’s easy to ridicule and mock the new and unknown, but these unfair and unearned criticisms have no effect on the way Datsik approaches his art. This mindset is symbolic of the renegade path he has taken to the top and speaks deafening decibels about his free-spiritedness.

“If you pay too much attention to what people are saying, it will limit your creativity, and an artist without creativity isn’t an artist at all,” Datsik said.

While performing, remixing and DJing are Datsik’s most obvious passions, he has also cooked up another outlet for both his audio inventiveness: his own label, Firepower Records.

“It was supposed to be a hub for my own music, but I was coming across so much good stuff that was unsigned, it kind of just went off from there,” Datsik said. “It just blew up, and I think that we have about 40 releases out there now. We do these crazy tours together across the country, which is something that companies don’t do anymore.”

It’s the live performances that showcase why Datsik can stake a claim as the best in his game. He uses his youthful exuberance to entice the crowd like a cult leader from his pulsating pulpit, lending to an incredible and unrivaled concert experience.

“I’ve got a crazy stage that I call The Vortex, and it’s basically a giant, video-mapped stage that looks like a huge funnel with a big end facing towards the crowd,” Datsik said. “I’ll be standing in the middle of it, immersed in light, and people are going to be leaving the show with their minds blown, which is pretty sweet.”

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