Letter to the editor | Bardo’s in touch

November 1, 2013 

One of the greatest resources for practicing attorneys is the county bar association. I have practiced law in Centre County and have been a member of the Centre County Bar Association for more than 30 years.

A county bar association provides a structure within which that local legal community works with county court officials to tackle problems that interfere with the administration of justice.

The association also provides a setting for attorneys to become better acquainted, which helps them to resolve cases outside the courtroom and avoid unnecessary costs for their clients.

The bar association gives young attorneys the opportunity to be mentored by those with more experience and provides all attorneys a means for continuing legal education.

Finally, the bar association is a venue through which the relationship between judges and attorneys is promoted.

There are two candidates in the race for magisterial district judge in the Borough of State College.

Susan Bardo has been an active member of the Centre County Bar Association since 2004. She regularly attends quarterly meetings, continuing legal education programs and annual bench/bar events.

Steve Lachman is not a member of the Centre County Bar Association, and I have never seen him at an association event.

Bardo’s commitment to the local legal community is obvious to me. Centre County would be well served if she is elected.

Jeffrey W. Stover, Ferguson Township

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