Letter to the editor | Thompson leading the way

November 2, 2013 

Like everyone, I am frustrated by the inability of Congress to get things done.

I do want to say a nice word about Rep. Glenn Thompson, though. Our congressman recently was appointed to the committee that will negotiate the final version of the farm bill. This is a very important appointment for Thompson, R-Howard Township, as he will be helping to shape our nation’s agriculture policy for years to come.

Two parts of the farm bill are of particular importance to me and to anyone else who cares about animal welfare.

I am proud to say that Thompson voted yes on an amendment that would make it illegal to attend a dogfight or a cockfight. I hope Thompson will fight to make sure this language stays in the farm bill.

The second item is a dangerous amendment offered by Rep. Steve King, of Iowa, that would strip states of their rights to set their own standards for agricultural products.

The King amendment is extreme and should be defeated. I hope Thompson will once again step up to the plate and make sure the right policies are enacted and the wrong policies are defeated.

This is my hope for the future of the farm bill and agriculture for our state.

Jennifer Hampton, Huntingdon

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