Letter to the editor | Succeed more honorably

November 13, 2013 

It was profoundly sad to see, first, a mean-spirited, inaccurate email to members, then the negative paid advertisements in the CDT coming from a group that claims “responsible stewardship.”

All this negativity was aimed at longtime Penn State trustee Joel Myers.

This is not the best way forward, nor is it in keeping with the motto “Success with Honor.” Negative ads and misinformation do not help the Penn State community heal; they only serve to divide our Penn State family.

We all, including Myers, want to see improvements in Penn State governance. Succeeding at this goal requires that we work together.

Alumni need to know there is a more moderate alumni group that is working toward this goal.

The group Penn Staters Reforming the Board of Trustees is successfully urging state representatives and senators to support governance reforms and doing so with honor — one letter, one email, one phone call and one face-to-face meeting at a time.

Rather than castigating trustees, alumni would be better served in helping Myers and other trustees, by writing letters in support of reform to Pennsylvania legislators.

As alumni, we should work constructively and civilly for change, setting a positive example for the next generation of graduates and acting like the ambassadors to Penn State that we are.

Scott Kimler, Ladysmith, British Columbia

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