Real Estate Transactions: November 4-8, 2013

November 29, 2013 

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Nov. 4, 2013, through Nov. 8, 2013, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Adam C. Fisher to Kevin T. Snook and Christina M. Snook, 122 Brown Ave., $70,000.

Dorothy Conaway, estate, Dorothy G. Conaway, estate, Margie Luckovich, co-executrix and Joseph L. Conaway to Samuel T. Brezler and Lucy A. Brezler, 506 Shope St., $167,000.

Benner Township

Nellie G. Jabco, estate and John J. Jabco, executor to Joseph L. Jabco, 1110 Buffalo Run Road, $120,000.

Burnside Township

Pamela J. Rhodes, Pamela J. Sneath, Steven M. Sneath, Jonathan S. Rhodes and Alycia Rhodes to Timothy M. Brenneman and Kimberly Brenneman, property located along East Road, $45,500.

College Township

John M. Corneal and Jorene S. Proper to S & A Homes Inc., 213 Florence Way, $60,000.

John M. Corneal and Jorene S. Proper to S & A Homes Inc., 243 Florence Way, $65,000.

John M. Corneal and Jorene S. Proper to S & A Homes Inc., 165 McCann Drive, $65,000.

Dana R. Thies to Edward P. O’Brien Jr.and Stephanie M. Herr, 210 Mossey Glen Road, $378,500.

Ellen M. Foster to Brian Falck and Cynthia F. Falck, No. 6B, 425 Windmere Drive, $500,000. Ferguson Township

Craig Kissell and Kathleen Kissell to Kai Du, 1012 W. College Ave., $640,000.

Calvin D. Pierce and Dorothy E. Pierce to Jennifer L. McElhinney, 129 W. Pine Grove Road, $177,000.

David G. Hatfield, Elaine M. Hatfield, Kevin G. Hatfield and Katherine A. Hatfield to Edward Joseph Petronsky, 780 W. Aaron Drive, $189,000.

Gregg Township

Larry W. Smeltzer and Carol B. Smeltzer to Brenda L. Yinger, Joanne M. Gumpper, Deborah Ann Deittinger and Tammy J. Hildebrand, 207 Ranch Lane, $1.

Jeffrey L. King to Jeffrey L. King and Monica J. King, 260 Brush Mountain Road, $1.

Patricia E. Catherman to David L. Bierlein and Barbara A. Bierlein, property located along Ross Hill Road, $525,000.

Steven J. Leitch to Steven J. Leitch and Jamie K. Leitch, 304 Immel Road, $1.

Haines Township

Betty L. Price to Clarence F. Price and Penny R. Blazer, 105 Stewart Lane, $1.

David J. Schraer to David and Cynthia Schraer Living Trust, David J. Schraer, trustee, and Cynthia D. Schraer, trustee, 117 Willow Lane, $1.

David J. Schraer to David And Cynthia Schraer Living Trust, David J. Schraer, trustee, and Cynthia D. Schraer, trustee, 125 Willow Lane, $1.

Harris Township

Chad L. Oberholtzer and Kathryn A. Oberholtzer to Charles F. Yackeren and Kendel K. Yackeren, 206A. Homestead Lane, $135,000.

Larry R. Reese to Jacqueline S. Tawse, 122 Old Boalsburg Road, $125,000.

Steven M. Bodner, Gwen M. Bodner, Robert J. Sabol and Mindy S. Sabol to Steven M. Bodner, Gwen M. Bodner, Robert John Sabol Jr. and Mindy S. Sabol, 521 West Drive, $1. Liberty Township

John F. Wagner and Carole A. Wagner to James Haas and Debora Haas, 288 Whitetail Mountain, $45,000.

Susan A. Eberhart to Jeffrey A. Moore, property located along Sugar Camp Road, $1.

Jay T. Johnson to First Keystone Community Bank, 111 Eagles Nest Road, $1. Miles Township

James E. Tyson, estate and Cynthia D. Weaver, executrix to Cynthia D. Weaver, property located along Greenburr Road, $1.

Millheim Borough

Dana R. Boob and Joy L. Boob to Simon Leach and Jennifer Adams, 136 W. Main St., $173,500.

Patton Township

Holly Hartzell-Reviglio and Nicholas G. Reviglio to Hartzell-Reviglio Family Trust, Nicholas G. Reviglio, trustee, and Holly D. Hartzell-Reviglio, trustee, 102 Brothers Court, $1.

David A. Allison and Christine D. Allison to Yolanda S. Mutti, 107 Honors Lane, $287,500.

Todd A. Gantt Sr. and Sandra L. Gantt to Sandra L. Gantt, 729 Galen Drive, $1.

David M. Rea and Patti H. Rea to Tarun K. Chawla and Erica A. Chawla, 329 Ghaner Drive, $185,000.

Penn Township

Dean A. Smith and Pamela J. Smith to Nathan S. Smith and Heather L. Smith, 723 Penns Creek Road, $1.

Dean A. Smith and Pamela J. Smith to Nathan S. Smith and Heather L. Smith, property located along Penns Creek Road, $1.

Robert M. Gruver and N. Lee Gruver to Roy A. Stoltzfus and Martha F. Stoltzfus, 105 Block Cabin Drive, $151,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Nettie Beschler, by agent and John Beschler, by agent to Julie Adomis and John A. Granlun, 710 E. Spruce St., $18,000.

John E. Quick to Dennis B. Lauder and Rhonda C. Lauder, 98 N. Thirteenth St., $20,000.

Jodi L. Oppel, Jodi L Latosky and Nicholas P. Oppel to April M. Brunner and Lindsey M. Woods, 318 N. 5th St., $89,240.

Potter Township

Teresa L. Grove to Teresa L. Grove, property located along Earlystown Road, $1.

Teresa L. Grove to Donald A. Grove and Teresa L. Grove, 2695 Earlystown Road, $1.

Donald A. Grove and Teresa L. Grove to Donald A. Grove and Teresa L. Grove, 2661 Earlystown Road, $1.

Snow Shoe Borough

Torey L. Bowling and Audrey L. Bowling to Torey L. Bowling and Audrey L. Bowling, 509 S. Moshannon Ave., $1.

Snow Shoe Township

Steven K. Hamilton and Mary Ann Hamilton to Mary Ann R. Hamilton, 108 Byzantine Lane, $1.

Randy A. Schwalm and Andrea J. Schwalm to Lowell R. Bull II and Natalie A. Bull, 258 S. Fork Road, $122,000.

Janice E. Walker and Thomas Matty and Thomas E. Walker to Thomas E. Walker and Carrie L. Walker, 499 W. Sycamore Road, $1.

Galen E. Frantz and Nancy A. Frantz to Scott E. Barber and Kelly M. Barber, 250 South Fork Road, $80,000.

Spring Township

Bellefonte Borough to Nittany Valley Joint Recreation Authority, 410 Governors Park Road, $1.

Bellefonte Borough to Bellefonte Borough, property located along Governors Park Road, $1.

State College Borough

Ralph W. Way and Kamilla Way to Andrew Way, 1861 S. Allen St., $1.

Michael T. Sullivan and Lynda M. Sullivan to Andrew Schulz and Lise K. Nelson, 235 Ridge Ave., $515,000.

Kimberly A. Strine to Xiaoning Lu and Rongying Wang, 915 Southgate Drive, $142,000.

Walker Township

Sally D. Hunsberger to David G. Barnard and Jacqueline M. Barnard, 175 Lorinda Lane, $207,900.

Diane T. McCracken, also known as Diane T. Hockenberry, and Brenton L. Hockenberry to Eric D. Kennedy, 159 Meadow Lane, $190,000.

First Line Development Two Inc. and S & A Homes Inc., to Luke R. Dreese and Shannen M. Dreese, 201 Archers Glen Circle, $269,901.

Worth Township

Martha J. Poorman, John C. Poorman, and Phil M. Poorman to Martha J. Poorman, John C. Poorman and Phil M. Poorman, 360 Laurel Run Road, $1.

Patricio H. Diaz and Patricia L. Diaz to Kane Bjalme and Emily Bjalme, 1088 Sunnyside Hollow Road, $176,950.

Helen Jean Reese and Helen Reese to Robert L. Reese Jr. and Cissy J. Reese, property located along Stine Lane, $1.

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