Letter to the editor | Keep kids away from e-cigs

December 5, 2013 

Although there are several important issues facing the General Assembly in the fall and winter, I urge my colleagues to give priority to making sure minors can’t purchase electronic cigarettes.

Earlier this year, I introduced Senate Bill 1055. My legislation would make it clear to Pennsylvania residents and retailers that e-cigarettes should not be sold to anyone under 18.

Most Pennsylvanians don’t realize that the laws that apply to the sale of traditional cigarettes do not apply to electronic cigarettes. My legislation would fix that.

As electronic cigarettes have grown in popularity, particularly among individuals trying to switch from regular cigarettes, I worked on this legislation to ensure minors cannot get their hands on this product.

Many retailers might not know how to monitor and regulate the purchase of e-cigarettes. This legislation eliminates ambiguity. This product should be in adult hands only.

Electronic cigarettes could prove to be a useful tool for adult smokers to wean themselves off tobacco use. While the Food and Drug Administration is still considering regulations on e-cigarettes, more than half of states have already outlawed sales to minors.

Pennsylvania should quickly join them to prevent use of any nicotine products by children.

I urge Pennsylvanians to join me and call on their state senators to move Senate Bill 1055 and vote to protect Pennsylvania children.

Sen. Tim Solobay, Canonsburg

The writer is a Democratic senator representing Washington County.

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