REVIEW: Trailer Park Boys celebrate the season(s)

hlongley@centredaily.comDecember 9, 2013 

From left, “Trailer Park Boys” Bubbles (Mike Smith) and Ricky (Robb Wells) pose with wounded veteran Adam Hartswick before Friday’s “Dear Santa” show at the Bryce Jordan Center.

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The Trailer Park Boys stayed within a low-to-no budget Friday night at the Bryce Jordan Center with its “Dear Santa” tour, a sparse stage rendition of their mockumentary-style TV show.

The crowd — mostly, if not all, college-aged white dudes — braved the winter elements to jeer and cheer the boys on their mission to find the meaning of Christmas and truth about Santa. The main characters of the “Trailer Park Boys” — Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, Mr. Lahey and Randy — .visited “Penn-n State” for the two-hour comedy special. I think the hardcore fans got their money’s worth.

The show was the five of them acting out just another episode. There was fighting, drinking and lots of swearing. They talked about Santa as god, where presents come from and money. Julian even duped some members of the audience into buying tickets for his 60-40 raffle (or was it 80-20?).

But we all knew it was coming — Ricky’s realization that the true meaning of Christmas is being with the ones you love. Or, after a few drinks, loving the ones you’re with.

In between the message was riffing, Rickyisms (“water under the fridge”) and pics of Randy eating onion rings off Mr. Lahey. Then Bubbles sang “Liquor and Whores.”

It’s known that the boys are music fans, and they have hung out on screen with Sebastian Bach (Skid Row) and fellow Canadians Alex Lifeson (Rush) and Gord Downie (The Tragically Hip). Bubbles loves Rush and titillated the crowd with his stab at “Closer to the Heart.” But Lahey lost a laugh on most of the audience when he referenced Corey Hart, Canada’s other Bryan Adams and wearer of sunglasses at night. I guess 1983 is history.

The show was created for the fans — all in-jokes and audience interaction. They even gave a shout out to character Philadelphia “Phil” Collins, the Dirty Burger food-trailer owner (actor Richard Collins died in April). Julian’s ticket raffle scheme was too distracting, but I was there for an evening of cheap theater for the trailer park/redneck/fringe-culture crowd. I even enjoyed the guy behind me yelling his one-liners to the stage.

It was a rowdy-fun, just-what-I-expected way to celebrate the season — that is, seasons eight and nine! The boys announced the arrival of more “TPB” starting next year. Deecent! I’ll be looking for that in the spring!

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