Letter to the Editor | No justice for the Garman

December 12, 2013 

The Centre Daily Times just doesn’t get it (“If Garman goes, dream of theater shouldn’t go too,” CDT, Sunday)

You just don’t get it.

The federal government has a historic preservation division, the commonwealth of Pennsylvania has a historic preservation division and the Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association has a historic preservation division.

Yes, a regional arts center is what is planned for the Garman Theatre, but first and foremost is the preservation of a historic building in downtown Bellefonte.

All Bellefonte has is its history and wonderful architecture, and there’s no other town like it in the United States. It needs to be preserved.

Never in my life have I been so despondent by our legal system. There is no justice. Rules and laws were not followed with the use of the conservatorship, and our justice system chose to ignore them.

JoAnn L. Knupp


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