Real Estate Transactions: November 18-22, 2013

December 13, 2013 

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Nov. 18, 2013, through Nov. 22, 2013, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Crossman Enterprises LLC to Nathaniel J. Doane and Tiffani Keys, 295 S. Potter St., $123,000.

Ricardo Veruete and Ellen L. Veruete to Kelly K. McManus and Emily L. Zimdahl-McManus, 971 Shady Lane, $190,000.

Benner Independent Township

Barry L. McMurtrie and Mary Alice McMurtrie to Randy L. Tice and Judy A. Tice, property located along Big Hollow Road, $1,000.

Boggs Township

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Game Commission and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to Evelyn A. Rhoades, estate, property located along Bullit Run Road, $1.

Evelyn A. Rhoades, estate, Russell V. Rhoades Jr. and Larry R. Rhoades, co-executor to Edward H. Gummo and Kathleen M. Gummo, 986 Bullit Run Road, $1.

Evelyn A. Rhoades, estate, Edward H. Gummo, Kathleen M. Gummo, Russell V. Rhoades Jr. and Larry R. Rhoades, co-executor, to Randy D. Rhoades, 970 Bullit Run Road, $1.

College Township

Joseph John Thomas and Jessica A. Thomas to Lazaro Juan Cal Hidalgo, 267 First Ave., $240,600.

Jack L. Johnson, estate, Tanya L. Evans, co-executrix and James K. Evans, co-executor to Sai Lap Jacky Lau, 220 W. Whitehall Road, $215,000.

Stearns Boal LP to Alexander Igolnikov and Olga Igolnikov, 170 Fernleaf Court, $84,500.

Charles O. Crawford Jr. and Karen Lynne Burke to Karen L. Burke, 122 Apple Court, $1.

Barbara F. Fry, estate, Scott Fry, co-executor, and Shawn W. Fry, co-executor, to Shawn W. Fry, 110 Rainlo St., $1.

S. Patrick Farrell to Thomas S. Vella, 330 W. Whitehall Road, $176,000.

Clayton W. Smith, Madeline C. Smith and Edward J. Smith to Bonnie M. Epstein, 133 Lincoln Ave., $176,250.

Eric R. Lalande and Jenna A. Lalande to Connor K. Weigand and Clairen Rae Percival, 111 Merry Hill Road, $198,000.

Ferguson Township

Martha S. Hummel to Martha S. Hummel, 154 Ridge Road, $1.

Santina P. Dibert, Daron J. Dibert and Kathryn A. Dibert to Daron J. Dibert and Kathryn A. Dibert, 1738 Princeton Drive, $1.

Kenneth Knott and Margaret Knott to Martha S. Hummel, 137 Ridge Road, $195,000.

Ralph F. Wheland and Marion H. Wheland to Ralph F. Wheland, 3605 Tadpole Road, $1.

Ralph F. Wheeland and Marion H. Wheeland to Marion H. Wheeland, 3477 Tadpole Road, $1.

Fedon Marcon Fedon Partnership to Marie W. Fedon, property located within the Township, $1.

Brian A. O’Donnell and Avis L. O’Donnell to Eva E. Reed, 285 E. Pine Grove Road, $163,500.

Haines Township

Mae E. Vonada, estate, Dora Mae Stover, co-executrix, and Carl W. Vonada, co-executor to Curtis W. Stover and Karen E. Stover, property located along state Route 45, $34,537.50.

Harris Township

Louis A. Berrena Jr. and Kathleen R. Berrena, to Jill A. Brubaker and Brent M. Brubaker, 129 Dearing Drive, $279,000.

Lillian A. Wilson, by sheriff and Pamela Hertz, by sheriff to JP Morgan Chase Bank, 2042 Shingletown Road, $9,956.48.

Jason K. Vanvelsor and Laura A. Vanvelsor to Jason Simcisko, 1316 Andover Drive, $270,000.

Howard Borough

Amy S. Shuey, by sheriff and Eric S. Shuey by sheriff to JP Morgan Chase Bank, 155 Maple St., $4,111.56.

Huston Township

James W. Wagner Sr. estate, Robert J. Wagner and James W. Wagner to Frank L. Breon, 246 Wagner Lane, $180,000.

Liberty Township

Christopher W. Nagle and Joanne R. Nagle to Tyler S. Askey, 111 Beach St., $48,000.

Miles Township

John W. Musser and Sara S. Musser, by agent to John W. Musser, property located along state Route 800, $6,990.

Betty S. Neff, by agent to Stephen L. Erdley and Angela L. Erdley, property located along Wolfes Gap Road, $60,000.

Betty S. Neff, by agent to Scott Crissman, property located along Wolfes Gap Road, $33,000.

Patton Township

Michael E. Stappler and A. Rachel Stappler to Chad T. Joyce and Jordan L. Joyce, 231 Harvard Road, $197,500.

Haubert Homes Inc. to Charles E. & Polly M. Munkberg Revocable Trust, property located within the Township, $65,000.

Susan D. Creekmore and Susan D. Beese to Christopher M. Bair, Timothy D. Bair and Donna L. Bair, 418 Canterbury Drive, $238,000.

Andrew H. Helfer and Jennifer Simmons to May Meirui Lin, 232 Amblewood Way, $216,000.

Mellott Real Estate LP to Mellott Real Estate L, property located along North Atherton Street, $1.

Judith B. Rushing to James C. Rushing and Judith B. Rushing, 661 Devonshire Drive, $1.

Ada Mae Barnes, estate, Terry A. Barnes, executrix, Jeffrey Alan Barnes and Laura Elizabeth Barnes to Logistics Group Inc., property located along Meeks Lane, $650,000.

Penn Township

Howard E. Wise and Helen D. Wise to Howard E. Wise and Helen D. Wise, 411 Beaver Dam Road, $1.

Philipsburg Borough

Daniel J. Russell and Cynthia E. Russell to Night and Day Salon and Spa LLC, 515 N. Front St., $500.

Potter Township

Howard E. Wise and Helen D. Wise to Dan H. Wise and David R. Wise, 2780 Earlystown Road, $1.

Scott A. Burk and Kimberly A. Burk to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, property within the Township, $1.

Anna E. Stephens to Kurt L. McKinney Jr. and Bridget M. McKinney, 219 Main Road, $60,000.

Rush Township

Charles Rider II to Old Berwick Road LLC, 2722 Port Matilda Highway, $330,000.

Clearfield Bank & Trust Company to Mark A. Savino and Boobie Jo Savino, 607 Oak St., $18,000.

Snow Shoe Borough

JP Morgan Chase Bank to John F. Shapira, 205 W. Sycamore St., $26,000.

Snow Shoe Township

Rose M. Granite to Mary Ann Hamilton, Michael F. Granite, Karen M. Pipta, Ralph R. Granite, David J. Granite and Susan F. Lyncha, 1009 Clarence Road, $1.

Spring Township

Eleanor I. Solt to Mary Ann S. Eisemann, Lee Ann Cinnamon and Amy Jo Solt, 323 Park Ave., $1.

Steven M. Willlits and Julie A. Willits to Julie Anne Willits and Julie A. Willits, 1788 Airport Road, $1.

Keith Aaron Jury and Kristina J. Kramer-Jury to Stacey L. Hillard and Joan M. Hillard, 213 Upper Coleville Road, $75,000.

Bellefonte Borough to Nittany Valley Joint Recreation Authority, 410 Govenors Park Road, $1.

Anna L. Stahlman Family Revocable Trust and Anna L. Stahlman, trustee, to Edgar C. Stahlman Jr., Robert D. Stahlman, Brian L. Stahlman Cindy M. Stahlman and Barry L. Stahlman, 7 Daskem Lane, $1.

Myron S. Rice and Jodi A. Rice to Shawn P. Slater, 126 Upper Coleville Road, $156,000.

State College Borough

Leann L. Birch and Karl M. Newell to Guido Cervone and Janejira Kalsmith, 926 Redgate Road, $608,500.

Benjamin F. Howell Jr. to Chad L. Oberholtzer and Kathryn A. Oberholtzer, 1143 Smithfield Circle, $245,000.

Jerry L. Bartlebaugh and Allen E. Bartlebaugh to Steven J. Bisbee and Tara J. Bisbee, 242 W. Logan Ave., $10,000.

Howard E. Wise and Helen D. Wise to Dan H. Wise and David R. Wise, 1127 S. Allen St., $1.

Jorge A. Pena, by attorney, to Adriana Pena, 827 Wheatfield Drive, $1.

Frank F. Aplan to Jackson J. Spielvogel and Mary Diane Spielvogel, 432 W. Fairmount Ave., $385,000.

Taylor Township

Charles Rider II to Old Berwick Road LLC, 689 Goss Hollow Lane, $320,000.

Fay D. Price and Darlene G. Price to Joseph C. Price and Kristin Lohr Price, 171 Goss Hollow Lane, $1.

Walker Township

Phyllis J. Graves to Charles R. Hall Jr., 105 Chestnut St., $1.

KSB Real Estate LLC to Mark Skojec, 217 Dunkle Road, $261,337.

Ian D. Norman to Ian D. Norman and Mary L. Wheeler, 680 Sand Ridge Road, $1.

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