Fathering | Set yearly resolutions together

December 28, 2013 

We’re a few days away from 2014, when we all are hopeful for what the New Year might bring.

It’s also the time for New Year’s resolutions — that list of things that we want to change or add to our lives. More times than not, New Year’s resolutions get broken, as they are often unrealistic to maintain, like joining a gym and going at least three times per week.

This year, my goal is to make just one New Year’s resolution that is reasonable for me to sustain for an entire year.

Action ideas

Once you decide on one attainable New Year’s resolution, share it with your kids. Model for them the importance of setting goals and sticking with your resolution. Come up with a visible way to track your progress so that your kids can see the importance of accountability and follow-through.

Encourage your kids to create their own New Year’s resolution, and stress the importance of focusing on fewer resolutions and on ones that are attainable.

Ask your kids what their plan is to sustain the resolution throughout the entire year, and how they are going to measure and track their success.

Consider making this a “family thing” by asking all family members to write their New Year’s resolution on some common list of resolutions, and determine a process for reporting on the progress of maintaining their resolution to the entire family.

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