Letter to the editor | An economic boon

January 7, 2014 

As a lifelong State College resident, after viewing all of the news articles and having no vested interest in the Garman Theatre and Hotel Do De properties, I would like to express my opinion, be it brief and to the point. It is always sad when historic landmarks are lost. It has happened and will continue to happen, not just here, but everywhere.

Of the 1,700 who signed the petition, were they willing to produce the funds to purchase this property, not to mention the dollars to renovate it?

Even if purchased, with no renovation planned it would have been a short time before degradation of the property would eventually have become a public-safety hazard due to decay, collapse, etc.

It appears the Cadillac Building will be restored, not razed, which is a plus.

Although most residents will disagree for now, in the long run this new development will end up being an economic advantage to Bellefonte as a whole.

Bottom line: Money talks, talk walks.

Joseph A. Cessna III, State College

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