Letter to the editor | Decisions have impact

January 7, 2014 

Shortly before Christmas, Gov. Tom Corbett announced that he would not change the minimum wage.

My reaction was, “What a scrooge!”

His reasoning was Pennsylvania’s financial recovery. Therefore, this was not a good time to up wages, and so on.

Yet in Sundays’ CDT, Mark Nale’s column offers two excellent points: Current legislators have treated the Marcellus shale gas industry differently from any other industry in Pennsylvania; and Pennsylvania’s “impact fee” is at a considerably lower rate than that of any other major gas-producing state’s extraction tax. Neighboring states have a 4 percent to 5 percent tax.

These facts and many more were given to my husband and me recently by Penn Environment (which will gladly provide these stats to others).

The Marcellus shale gas industry is ravaging parts of Pennsylvania; we saw it firsthand in Lycoming County. As I see it, our governor’s stance is “Bah, humbug!”

Pennsylvania is not in a state of financial recovery, unless it is self-imposed by Corbett and company.

The Marcellus shale companies are caroling all the way to the bank. It’s never too early to begin campaigning for change in Harrisburg.

G. Ellen Keener, State College

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