Real Estate Transactions: December 16-20, 2013

January 10, 2014 

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Dec. 16, 2013, through Dec. 20, 2013, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Elizabeth A. Irwin to Tyler J. Constable and Elise Constable, 843 E. High St., $142,000.

Walter B. Peterson and Jolene D. Peterson to Jeremy C. Jackson and Lauren D. Parker, 422 E. Cherry Lane, $102,500.

Amy E. Ridenour, Amy E. O’Neil and Randal Ridenour to Jodi E. Breon, 635 Logan St., $143,000.

George Allen E. Blakeslee and Clearfield Bank & Trust to Gary M. Sager, 955 Shady Lane, $165,000.

Virginia McElhiny and Andrew O. McElhinny to Jane R. Mangino, 119 N. Penn St., $43,000.

Benner Township

Ronald D. Mattern, Allen Rex Mattern, by agent, Daniel L. Mattern, by agent and East End Partnership to Carl E. Hill, 124 Midway Drive, $304,117.

George E. Dyke to David B. Thompson, property located along Valley View Road, $27,500.

Berks Construction Company Inc. and Berks Homes to Two CC Ventures LLC, 197 Amberleigh Lane, $187,000.

College Township

Frederick J. Kissinger and Richard G. Kissinger to Jaime J. Saona and Carolyn J. Saona, 1337 Haymaker Road, $75,000.

Carol R. Bruszewski to Denise Woodward and John W. Miley, property located along Willow Circle, $38,974.

Carol R. Bruszewski to Jonathan C. Cofer, Sylvia T. Weilacher, Eli C. C. Byrne and Caryl E. Byrne, property located along Willow Circle, $37,026.

John R. Mangino and Jane R. Mangino to Andrew H. Coward and Michelle C. Vigeant, 117 Oak Pointe Circle, $410,000.

Christine M. Strauch to Clinton E. Eury and Jennifer L. Eury, 801 Shamrock Ave. $277,000.

Richard F. Delozier Jr. and Jennifer L. Delozier to William D. Rittelmann and Debra L. Rittelmann, property located along Gaslight Circle, $70,000.

Stearns Boal LP to Barbara B. Deshong and Ralph L. Deshong, 185 Mossey Glen Road, $84,500.

Veronica L. Bressler, George T. Powell and Veronica L. Powell to Kyle Fratz, 710 Wayne St., $262,000.

Janos Kotay to Charles A. Farrell and Constance B. Farrell, 250 Reese Road, $1,100,000.

Ferguson Township

Robert W. Behrer, estate and Lorrie K. Rehrer, executrix to Robert W. Behrer Family Trust, Lorrie K. Behrer, co-trustee and Kirk W. Behrer, co-trustee, 3250 W. Pine Grove Road, $1.

Paul I. Woodland by agent to Siyuan Shen and Zhengxin Yang, 1141 W. Aaron Drive, $130,000.

Masarj LP to HBR Investments LP, 1212 N. Atherton St., $1,350,000.

Ida Mae McQuade and Amanda M. McQuade to Ida Mae McQuade, 347 W. Pine Grove Road, $1.

Louis T. Glantz to Ava D. Glantz, 125 Edith St., $1.

Gary V. Fisher and Daniel Cedrone to Federal National Mortgage Association, 355 Johnson Road, $1.

Steven R. Rice to Steven Raymond Rice and Caroline Anne Rice, 2320 Falcon Pointe Drive, $1. Amy S. Czekaj to Victoria Guarrieri, 3011 Fairchild Lane, $270,000.

Circleville Road Partners C LP to Berks Homes LLC, property located along Havershire Blvd., $29,700.

Torron Group LP to Pennsylvania State University, 3110 Research Drive, $3,648,000.

Edward L. Zuroweste and Candace Kugel to Kevin J. Hagopian and Rhonda K. Johannesen, 878 N. Allen St., $265,400.

Darlene E. Weener to Darlene E. Weener, 256 Deepwood Drive, $1.

A. Glenn Mower Jr. and Anne C. Mower to Steven A. Mower, 1449 N. Allen St., $180,000.

Marilyn J. Zaccagni, Darrel R. Zaccagni and Norma L. Zaccagni to Joseph J. F. Heintz and Ginger E. Heintz, 864 Harold Drive, $275,500.

Gregg Township

Steven P. Rossman to Steven P. Rossman and Kimberly J. Rossman, 110 Blue Ball Road, $1.

Robert L. Sweeley and Cynthia J. Sweeley to Cynthia J. Sweeley, 332 Harter Road, $1.

Russell C. Judy and Barbara A. Judy to Meghan McCracken and Mark Risso, 987 Upper Georges Valley Road, $70,000.

Halfmoon Township

Kenneth C. Hearn and Mary L. Hearn to David H. Allgeier and C. Beth Maybee, 34 Morris Road, $242,500.

S & A Homes Inc. to Jeffrey I. Jones and Laura M. Jones, 38 Bridle Path Court, $399,840.

Harris Township

Theodore L. Ballenger and Erlinda B. Ballenger to Leslie E. Urish, 218 Kimport Ave., $175,000.

Randall A. Bachman and Lynor C. Bachman to Kevin J. Lloyd, 136 Old Stone Lane, $1.

Lynor C. Bachman and Randall A. Bachman to Kevin J. Lloyd, property located along Boal Avenue, $1.

GTW Associates to Victor H. Campbell III Revocable Trust, property located within the Township, $100,000.

TOA PA IV LP to Robert J. Neyhart and Patricia M. Neyhart, property located within the Township, $343,219.26.

TOA PA IV LP to Ricky D. Rishel and Diane Rishel, property located within the Township, $344,398.62.

Huston Township

Janet H. Wood to James R. Lohr Sr., 6776 S. Eagle Valley Road, $22,000.

Carey L. Shoemaker, estate and Susan S. Benedict, executrix to Stanislav Kovalev and Polina Kovalev, 111 Holtzinger Lane, $85,000.

Liberty Township

James B. Bitner, Sara F. Bitner, Jeffery R. Bitner and Kathleen H. Bitner to James B. Bitner and Sara F. Bitner, property located on North Eagle Valley Road, $1.

Miles Township

Kenneth C. Clouser Jr. and Eleanor Jane Clouser to Clouser Farm Enterprises, 250 Madisonburg Pike, $1. Patton Township

David H. Allgeier and C. Beth Maybee to Eric M. Foster and Crystal M. Foster, 5191 W. Buffalo Run Road, $162,000.

Audrey C. Romano and James P. Mundie to Ryan F. Cummins, 413 Sylvan Drive, $209,000.

James E. Leslie and Janet E. Leslie to Matthew Scott Goguen, 436 Sylvan Drive, $203,500.

Bonita K. Avillion to Michael J. Montgomery, 111 West Clearview Ave., $185,000.

Cynthia K. Flick and Kristina M. Updegraff to Cynthia K. Flick, 1981 N. Oak Lane, $1.

Samuel B. Livingston and Vicki K. Lozinski to William Ginoza Revocable Trust, Lillian Ginoza, co-trustee and Donn Ginoza, co-trustee, 443 Canterbury Drive, $166,900.

Eleanor M. Lawton to Xi Xia and Huan Zhang, 208 Amblewood Way Unit 208, $205,000.

Penn Township

Philip J. Bosak and Kathleen R. Bosak to Brian P. Bosak, property located along Smithtown Gap Road, $1.

Eric Allgyer to Andrew Kotys, 384 Siglerville Millheim Pike, $82,500.

Philipsburg Borough

Susan Spencer Payne, Clinton W. Spencer, by sheriff, and Lynnette D. Spencer, by sheriff, to Northwest Savings Bank, 446 Water St., $30,000.

Tax Claim Bureau of Centre County, Keith M. Blake, by trustee and Karen A. Blake, by trustee, to County Living Home Builders Inc., property located along South Water Street, $1,915.46.

Tax Claim Bureau of Centre County, Keith M. Blake, by trustee and Karen A. Blaker, by trustee to Country Living Home Builders Inc., 102 Presqueisle St., $5,113.46.

FV-I Inc. to Jennifer Ramona and Pasquale V. Romano Jr., 719 Alder St., $12,000.

Potter Township

Donald C. Donagher Jr. to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, property located within the Township, $1.

Sandra E. Rishel to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, property located within the Township, $1.

Steven T. Wolfe and Scott D. Wolfe to Darren A. Narber and Anne T. Narber, 140 Middle Road, $180,500.

Debra J. Fuller to Debra J. Fuller, 124 Zerby Road, $1.

Rush Township

Sara Murarik and Nathaniel P. Murarik to Macey E. Hamm, property along Greenbriar Road, $21,000.

Gary M. Wilson, by sheriff to Bank of New York Mellon, 125 Penn Five Road, $9,590.

Tax Claim Bureau of Centre County, Minnie Pearl Hoopsick, by trustee and Paul H. Hoopsick, by trustee to James L. Eirich Sr., and Doris E. Eirich, 102 Walker St., $3,832.06.

Tax Claim Bureau of Centre County, Sally A. Christine, by trustee and Jeffrey S. Christine, by trustee to James L. Eirich Sr., and Doris E. Eirich, 104 Walker St., $766.09.

Tax Claim Bureau of Centre County and Luther H. Carr to Matthew L. Moore and Natalie L. Moore, property located along Ichabod Lane, $2,227.58.

Snow Shoe Borough

Betty A. Park to Jo E. Packer, 304 E. Olive St., $85,000.

Daniel R. Rauch and Jami J. Rauch to Timothy J. McFarland and Candace McFarland, 104 W. Park Ave., $165,000. Snow Shoe Township

Fred C. Tumbleson, estate, Dana T. Tumbleson, Mary E. Tumbleson, Fred W. Tumbleson, Yvonne Tumbleson, Sharon L. Tumbleson, Sharon L. Hall and Kenneth L. Hall to Dana T. Tumbleson and Mary E. Tumbleson, 653 W. Sycamore St., $1.

Tax Claim Bureau of Centre County and Ralph H. Anspach, by trustee to Vinmek LP, 748 Hicklen Ridge Road, $28,500.

John W. Butterworth to Stephen Butterworth, property located along Urbank Lane, $1. Spring Township

Wendi M. Gingerich, by sheriff and John D. Bilbay, by sheriff, to U. S. Bank, 947 Halfmoon St., $4,426.95.

Robert M. Waldhuber and Nancy M. Jones to Sylvia T. Mounie, 145 Faust Circle, $190,000.

Iva M. Boone, estate, Ernest L. Boone, co-executor, Vera J. Musser, co-executor and Aaron I. Boone, co-executor, to Graymont (Pa) Inc., 1260 E. College Ave., $2,700,000.

Sharon L. Miller and Leisa A. Hall to Donald B. Houtz and Toniann Houtz, 422 Irish Hollow Road, $31,000.

Joseph J. Bowman and Holly A. Bowman to Holly J. Barnard, 629 Fairview St., $135,000.

Tax Claim Bureau of Centre County, Charles O. Nicholson, by trustee, and Kathleen M. Nicholson, by trustee, to Plus Point Partners, 1337 Axemann Road, $5,981.48.

Janos Koltay and Cheryl D. Koltay to Randal Ridenour and Amy E. Ridenour, 149 Faust Circle, $176,500.

Brenda L. Praskovich and Alan L. Praskovich to Jason B. Ammerman and Jennifer N. Ammerman, 905 Green St., $136,000.

State College Borough

Marjorie M. Holland to Lorna S. Arocena, Angelo S. Arocena and Mary Lou S. Arocena, 1219 S. Pugh St., $238,000.

Violet L. Weeden, estate and Paul Allen Weeden, executor to Richard J. Row Jr., 733 E Foster Ave., $199,000.

Scott A. Blodgett and Jennifer M. Blodgett to Timothy Michael Murtha and Erin Elizabeth Murtha, 136 Hillcrest Ave., $388,000.

Taylor Township

Paul J. Frye and Lois L. Frye, also known as Lois L. Gardner to Lois L. Gardner, 673 W. Fowler Hollow Lane, $1.

Walker Township

Samuel B. Stoltzfus and Mary E. Stoltzfus to Jonas Z. Esh and Sally S. Esh, 130 Zook Lane, $230,000.

P. R. Properties Partnership to Gary M. Cornelisse Jr. and Sarah A. Cornelisse, property located along Two Mile Road, $80,000.

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