Letter to the editor | Pack the house

January 24, 2014 

I am disappointed by the board’s decision to remove Richard Biever from his position as the State Theatre’s artistic director.

Under Biever’s leadership, the State was reducing its debt. He started $3 movies after the closing of the local dollar theater, began a play-reading series to facilitate community discussion and founded Fuse Productions.

Fuse’s mission was to “fuse the theatrical talents of local professionals, amateurs and students, allowing them to work in a professional atmosphere where the art of theater is taken seriously.”

Fuse was a wonderful addition to the community arts scene in central Pennsylvania.

The hardest thing about seeing Biever go is what was left unfinished. He had plans for productions of “Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson” and “Les Miserables” in the works.

I urge everyone to attend “Annie,” the last Fuse Production directed by Biever at the State on Feb. 6-9. Packed houses would be a fitting farewell to a man who has contributed so much to the arts in our community.

Tina Mueller, Centre Hall

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