Letter to the Editor | Congress not serving poor

January 25, 2014 

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We all remember how President Ronald Reagan said the goal of his administration was to make more millionaires. He has now succeeded at least in this: More than half of Congress are millionaires.

This would cheer me if I thought that, like Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy, they had a Patrician sense to look out for the country as a whole, including the poor.

But what worries me is that their attitude instead is that money is the bottom line, that to be rich is th highest virtue and that the poor all are immoral and deserve their poverty.

With this attitude, these rich men will balance the budget on the back of the unfortunate. They will say they serve the numbers in their accountant’s ledger and must disregard the person in their rigor.

This is always moral blasphemy and, like a vampire, would suck the life blood from the world.

John Harris

State College

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