Real Estate Transactions December 30-January 3, 2014

January 25, 2014 

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Dec. 30, 2013, through Jan. 3, 2014 in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Jane Mangino and John R. Mangino to Ella J. Bennett, property located along West Beaver Street, $1.

Jane Mangino and John R. Mangino to Ella J. Bennett, 245 W. Beaver St., $1.

Benner Township

John C. Jones to Sharon Ann Landon and Gary Lynn Landon, 1020 W. Water St., $1.

Village of Nittany Glen LP to Thomas R. Yackley and Patricia J. Yackley, property located within the Township, $190,000.

College Township

Elisabeth A. Vose to Susan Travis and Donald Travis, 206 Birchtree Court, $167,000.

Ferguson Township

S & A Homes Inc., Robert E. Poole, Don E. Haubert, Thomas F. Songer and WPSH Associates to Namsoon Jung and Eun Mo Huh, 1157 Longfellow Lane, $435,920.

Calvin E. Zimmerman, Thomas F. Songer and CATO Associates to CATO Associates, property located along Cato Avenue, $1.

P. Gayle Sunday and Patricia Gayle Sunday to Patricia Gayle Sunday, 667 Kansa Ave., $1.

Halfmoon Township

Timothy F. Wheeler and Eileen F. Wheeler to John D. Terrill and Kristin C. Terrill, 425 Houtz Lane, $410,000.

Haines Township

Rodney S. Bowersox and Carol J. Bowersox to Samuel S. Zook and Rebecca F. Zook, 153 Sawmill Drive, $430,000.

Harris Township

Preston P. Benson and Michelle A. Benson to Stone Financing LLC, 209 Circle Drive, $232,000.

Stone Financing LLC to William W. Witmer III and Erin R. Witmer, 209 Circle Drive, $232,000.

Aimee J. Aiello to Mark J. Paquette and Charlene L. Paquette, 225 Lee Ave., $175,000.

Huston Township

Douglas A. Smay and Kelly J. Smay to Jonathan Michael Wallace and Ashley Brooke Wallace, 2315 Dix Run Road, $304,000.

Patton Township

Hope for Kids Inc. to University Park Plaza Corporation, property located within the Township, $1,310,000.

Helen L. Dawson to William D. Knisely and Becky Renee Trate, 2137 N. Atherton St., $200,000.

Logistics Group Inc. to Anatoli Loutsik and Irina Germanovn Loutsik, property located along Meeks Lane, $127,000.

Logistics Group Inc. to Anatoli Loutsik and Irina Germanovn Loutsik, 1173 Grays Woods Blvd., $246,000.

S & A Homes Inc. and Gray’s Woods to Mark D. Maney and Megan K. Maney, 241 Brynwood Drive, $344,967.

Joseph M. Pulaski and John A. Engleman to Joseph M. Pulaski, 109 Sellers Lane, $1.

Fowler Family Trust, Bruce L. Fowler and Virginia M. Fowler to Bruce L. Fowler and Virginia M. Fowler, 244 Leawood Lane, $1.

Gray’s Woods to Patton Township, property located within the Township, $1.

Penn Township

Ivan B. Fisher and Sadie Ruth Fisher to Roy K. Fisher and Rebecca L. Fisher, 1311 Penns Creek Road, $125,000.

Rush Township

Deborah J. Humphrey and Charles L. Humphrey to Joshua Martin Kosut and Crystal C. Kosut, 510 Jesse St., $107,100.

Mary M. Bryan, estate, Mary May Bryan, estate and Andrew C. Bryan to Kevin C. Haney and Lorie A. Haney, 235 Spike Island Road, $14,500.

Thomas Harris to Thomas A. Harris and Susan Pritchard-Harris, 353 Mallard Road, $1.

Snow Shoe Borough

Rena Nastase to Beer One Beverage LLC, 109 W. Olive St., $1.

Rena Nastase to Beer One Beverage LLC, 107 W. Olive St., $1.

Spring Township

Stephen A. Caruso and Anita J. Caruso, also known as Anita J. Simcox, to Stephen A. Caruso and Anita J. Caruso, 106 Patricia Lane, $1.

State College Borough

Ralph Mark Farmer and Jill Farmer Williams to Ralph Mark Farmer, 214 W. Crestmont Ave., $1.

Nancy L. Eaton to H. Amos Goodall Jr. and Cazella H. Goodall, 441 Homan Ave., $515,000.

Charles R. Dawson to Bret J. Buterbaugh and Marie M. Buterbaugh, 415 S. Atherton St., $138,500.

David L. Nevins to Nevins-Woodard LP, 132 S. Allen St., $1.

Union Township

D. Scott Summey to Stacey L. Summey, property located along South Eagle Valley Road, $1.

Walker Township

Benjamin C. Eaton to Paul Krick and Marcia Krick, 745 Pike Road, $2,600.

Worth Township

Nancy L. Robison to Kimberly M. Halowich, property located along Flat Rock Road, $136,000.

Robert L. Reese Jr. and Cissy J. Reese to Ronald E. Reese and Jane L. Reese, property located along Reese Hollow Road, $5,500.

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