Letter to the editor | Invest in education

February 1, 2014 

When I arrived in State College more than 20 years ago I knew nothing about it, and I have often been thankful that it turned out to be such a lively community.

It embodies the things I admire most about the United States — energetic, interesting people who embrace the idea that anything is possible.

At Penn State, my job was to get the brightest students to apply for prestigious national scholarships, and it was no coincidence that both the students who won Rhodes scholarships graduated from State College Area High School.

My granddaughter is now at that school and I have seen how hard the teachers work with students at every level of achievement, often struggling to continue their good work as their education funding is cut.

We are lucky to have such a good school, and I very much hope we will continue its success by supporting the plan for the new high school.

It has been carefully developed with plenty of opportunity for public input, and there is no better way of ensuring a bright future for any community than by investing in its children’s education.

Mary Gage, State College

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