Real Estate Transactions:January 6-10, 2014

February 6, 2014 

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Jan. 6, 2014, through Jan. 10, 2014, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Kerry A. Benninghoff and Michele L. Benninghoff to Kerry A. Benninghoff, 704 W. Lamb St., $1.

Janel R. Lyons, Janel R. Spotts and Jeremy Spotts to Tami L. Barnes, 1034 Woodland Drive, $172,900.

Benner Township

Randall S. Moyer and Gina M. Moyer to James K. Plourde and Carrie A. Plourde, 1401 Seibert Road, $299,000.

Paul A. Hartle and Ellen M. Hartle to Randall S. Moyer and Gina M. Moyer, property located along Jagger Lane, $25,000.

Centre Hall Borough

Paul S. Spock Jr. and Lisa M. Spack to Mark C. Bigatel and Paula M. Bigatel, 120 W. Church St., $120,000.

College Township

Patrick J. Drohan and Joy R. Drohan to Ronald J. Lamicela and Christine H. Lamicela, 310 Bottorf Drive, $215,000.

Jean L. Kistler, estate, Thomas King Kistler, co-executor and John P. Kistler, co-executor to David H. Rosenberg and Susan B. Rosenberg, 124 Colonial Court, $312,500. Ferguson Township

Cyril L. Velkoff Revocable Trust and Cheryl Velkoff, trustee, to Patrick J. Drohan and Joy R. Drohan, 1981 Marengo Road, $307,000.

Reliance Savings Bank to Sarah P. Schipp, 211 Anaconda Drive, $260,000.

Francine T. Jones to Francine T. Jones and Christopher S. Jones, 3087 Westover Drive, $1.

Michael L. Smith and Rebecca J. Smith to Matthew N. Caracappa and Sara E. Caracappa, 2368 Quail Run Road, $212,000.

Haines Township

Rhelda Jane Weaver by attorney and Rhelda J. Weaver by attorney to Kent Alan Weaver and Amanda Ann Weaver, 503 N. Rachels Way, $1.

Rhelda Jane Weaver by attorney and Rhelda J. Weaver by attorney to Ruth O. Weaver, 509 N. Rachels Way, $26,000.

Troy A. Catherman and Gay L. Catherman to Poorman’s Welding & Fabrication Inc, 5634 Penns Valley Road, $200,000.

Harris Township

TOA PA IV LP to Robert L. Whitlinger, property located within the Township, $344,298.69.

TOA PA IV LP to George M. Vraneza and Pauline Erickson Vraneza, property located within the Township, $370,927.28.

TOA PA IV LP to Peter C. Gerken and Irene A. Gerken, property located within the Township, $326,694.00.

Kurt M. Kanaskie and Joyce L. Kanaskie to Douglas S. Johnson and Annmarie Johnson, 102 Aspen Drive, $485,000.

Aguer-Nobori Properties to B. Tracy Nixon, property located within the Township, $195,000.

Marion Township

Diane E. Heckman, Kenneth H. Truckenmiller, Terrance E. Truckenmiller and Stanley E. Truckenmiller to Willard S. Truckenmiller and Joann Truckenmiller, 124 School House Drive, $1.

Miles Township

Lee W. Ripka, by sheriff to JP Morgan Chase Bank, 110 E. Main St., $5,071.65.

Patton Township

Allan C. Thurman and Janet C. Irons to William J. Sundstrom and Dawn M. Sundstrom, 236 Oakley Drive, $209,000.

Justin Reed Meinnert and Jacinda Renee Sauter to Kenneth J. Schirling and Anna M. Schirling, 264 Ghaner Drive, $179,500.

Gray’s Woods and S & A Homes Inc. to Michael L. Smith and Rebecca J. Smith, 232 Glenndale Drive, $338,567.

Neil Wallace and Constance J. McGeorge to Neil Wallace, 1336 Deerbrook Drive, $1.

Philipsburg Borough

Norman A. Stiver and Margaret T. Stiver to Stephen L. Kohute and Irene E. Kohute, 307 Douglas St., $185,500.

Potter Township

Tanya L. Evans to James K. Evans and Tanya L. Evans, property located along Tusseyville Road, $1.

Rush Township

Robert T. Belko and Barbara J. Belko to Jean E. Harris and Kelly J. Foreman, 113 Lochlomond Road, $1.

Mark E. Miscavish, estate, Mark Randall Miscavish, estate, Traci A. Miscavish, estate, Traci Ann Miscavish, estate and Nadine Y. Miscavish, administrator, to Nadine Y. Miscavish, 2662 Black Moshannon Road, $120,000.

Mildred B. Kovach, estate and Barry P. Kovach to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, property located within the Township, $1.

Snow Shoe Borough

Carole R. Nastase and Carol R. Nastase to Jennifer C. Nastase and Joshua Nastase, 105 W. Olive St. $1.

Spring Township

Carlton C. Emel and Freda S. Emel to Jeremy E. Dutrow and Amanda S. Dutrow, 504 Valentine Hill Road, $168,000.

Jacqueline Y. Ficarro and Donald A. Flory to Jonathan J. Sunner and Lauren A. Sunner, 204 S. Danielle Drive, $149,400.

State College Borough

Daphne D. Hoffman to Jason T. Hoffman, 242 Nimitz Ave., $1.

Taylor Township

James E. Friday Jr. and Carrie L. Friday to Edwin Eckberg, 166 Buffalo Drive, $10,000.

Edwin R. Eckberg to Edwin R. Eckberg, 166 Buffalo Drive, $1.

James E. Friday Jr. and Carrie L. Friday to James E. Friday Jr. and Carrie L. Friday, 140 Buffalo Drive, $1.

James E. Friday Jr. and Carrie L. Friday to Samuel C. Friday, property located along Bald Eagle Pike, $1.

Walker Township

James A. Biederman, by sheriff and Karrie J. Irwin, by sheriff, to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 345 Zion Back Road, $7,803.43.

Worth Township

R. J. Housel Rentals LLC to Vu Thien Chau, 8280 S. Eagle Valley Road, $126,950.

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