Real Estate Transactions:January 13-17, 2014

February 7, 2014 

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Jan. 13, 2014, through Jan. 17, 2014 , in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Benner Township

Thomas P. Rider to Thomas P. Rider and Tammy L. Zeigler, 1678 Purdue Mountain Road, $1.

Kenneth G. Burzynski and Shirley A. Burzynski to Timothy R. Edkin and Pamela Edkin, 381 Millgate Road, $325,000.

Laura Lloyd-Smith and Stanley S. Smith to Jennifer L. Boughton and Jason M. Richard, 184 Chicory Ave., $1.

Centre Hall Borough

Calvin W. Witmer Jr. and Ruth Ann Witmer to Gregory S. Leitzel and Tracy L. Leitzel, 236 S. Hoffer Ave., $215,900.

College Township

Billy Brewer and Norma J. Brewer to Billy Brewer and Norma J. Brewer, 135 Willow Ave., $1.

Edwin W. Dunkelberger, estate and Edwin W. Dunkelberger Jr., executor, to Ruth E. Dunkelberger, 1214 Charles St., $1.

Michael C. Shapiro and Janice K. Shapiro to Michelle S. Miller, 1501 W. Branch Road, $190,000.

Ferguson Township

S & A Homes Inc. to Meshal K. Algharaib, 2437 Prairie Rose Lane, $310,349.66.

Spectrum Control Inc. to Store SPE State College 2013-8 LLC, 1900 W. College Ave., $10.

Catherine D. Lehman and Chris R. Lehman to Richard K. Wilber and Kathryn R. Wilber, 121 Chester Drive, $535,000.

Agnes M. Kelley Trust, Edna J. Anderson, Randall K. Kelley and Beryle J. Thomas, trustee to Rothwell Partnership, 135 Cardinal Lane, $94,000.

Haines Township

Jean L. Hazel and Neal E. Hazel to William E. Hazel, Barry N. Hazel, Neal E. Hazel and Jean L. Hazel, 117 E. Vine St., $1.

Harris Township

Calvary Baptist Church of State College and Boalsburg Investment Group to Calvary Baptist Church of State College, 107 Harvest Fields Drive, $1.

Kim D. F. Bartoo, estate, Janice Bartoo Becker and Jill C. Lillie, co-executrix, to Sara Bartoo Becker, 517 Boalsburg Pike, $183,000. Howard Township

Michael Calvin Spayd and Kaleena Sue Spayd to Elizabeth Hackett, Glen A. Hackett Jr. and Kimberly J. Hackett, 2569 Old 220 Road, $30,000.

Patton Township

Galen S. Hall and Marie E. Hall to John M. Slaby and Mary G. Slaby, 200 Presidents Drive, $367,000.

Penn Township

Theresa M. Lucas to Leonard J. Lucas Jr., property located along Poe Valley Road, $1.

Naomi R. Bartgers, Estate and John David Bartges to John David Bartges, property located along Poe Valley Road, $1.

Philipsburg Borough

Homesales Inc. to Adrianna A. Albizu, 206 N. Tenth St., $9,000.

Potter Township

Rosella C. Hess to Gregory A. Smith and Elisa K. Smith, 215 Church Hill Road, $1.

Mildred M. Foust, estate and Stephen L. Foust, executor to Frederick C. Teti, 137 Foust Road, $137,500.

Peter S. Bair, Marla Q. Bair, Lawrence E. Bair II and Lois Arnold Bair to Peter S. Bair and Marla Q. Bair, 591 Decker Valley Road, $1.

Lawrence E. Bair II, Lois Arnold Bair, Peter S. Bair and Marla Q. Bair to Lawrence E. Bair II and Lois Arnold Bair, property located along Decker Valley Road, $1.

Rush Township

Michael L. Bainey to Michael L. Bainey and Kiley A. Bainey, 322 Walker St., $1.

Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company to Equity Trust Company, Robert John Langton IRA and Robert John Langton, 508 Kinkead St., $47,799.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to John F. Mekis and Marianne Mekis, 395 Ernestville Road, $10,000.

Spring Township

Wells Fargo Bank to Russell D. McCrea and Cathy McCrea, 147 Valentine Hill Road, $39,900.

State College Borough

James H. Hulse and Linda M. Hulse to Hulse Family Revocable Living Trust, James H. Hulse, trustee, and Linda M. Hulse, trustee, 255 E. Beaver Ave., $1.

John M. Slaby and Mary G. Slaby to Xin Gu and Qiong Yang, 928 Hart Circle, $177,700.

Keith J. Anderson and Stephanie Shum Anderson to Michael Smoyer and Jennifer Smoyer, 428 E. Hamilton Ave., $345,000.

Eugene E. White by agent and Roberta White by agent to White Family Trust and Jennifer Lynn White, 1402 S. Garner St., $1.

Daniel M. Overmoyer and Carol J. Overmoyer to Overmoyer Family Limited Partnership, 131 Sowers St, $1.

Zahi Elhaj and Akram Nasrallah to Zahi Elhaj, 534 Waring Ave., $1.

Thomas R. Gyory, Maureen T. Gyory, Maureen T. Gyrory and Clint T. Gyory to Allen M. Wilson, Heather B. Wilson and Derrick R. Wilson, 447 E. Fairmount Ave., $305,000.

George M. Baumer and Vivian H. Baumer to Vivian H. Baumer, 117 E. Doris Ave., $1.

Kevin J. Lloyd to Anne N. Layang, 202 E. McCormick Ave., $1.

Taylor Township

James Ronald Dunkel and Roberta M. Dunkel to Donald Simondale and Sherrie Lynn Simondale, 748 Gardner Lane, $1.

Walker Township

Brian D. Julius and Rebecca Suzanne Julius to Jeremy Christopher Spotts and Janel Renee Spotts, 250 Lorinda Lane, $247,000.

Keith G. Taylor and Nicole L. Taylor to Nicole L. Taylor, 210 Meadow Lane, $1.

Ben B. King and Naomi Mae King to Henry M. Glick and Salomie E. Glick, 2375 Nittany Valley Drive, $1.

Bank of America to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 1343 Snydertown Road, $1.

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