Letter to the editor | Snowed in

February 7, 2014 

State College snow removal means mountains of snow blocking driveways and pedestrian crosswalks.

With this recent snowstorm, having cleared the driveway twice to meet a 10 a.m. get-to-work need, at 9:45 we looked up from shoveling to see a borough truck barreling down the street, plow pointed in, ready to push yet another mountain of snow into the cleared driveway.

After confronting the driver, we were informed he was just doing his job. I’m sure he was, never mind the need for people to get out of their driveways or across pedestrian crosswalks.

It’s past time for the borough to come up with a better plan for removing snow without blocking driveways and crosswalks.

Then the plow drivers can do their job while remaining considerate of the needs of others.

Richard and Barbara Virgil, State College

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